Causes of Communal Clashes

clashSeveral people have been sent to their graves due to communal crisis. In Rivers State communal crisis has become the order of the day. Communal clashes have done so much damage in several communities in the state. People lost property worth billions of naira to communal fight. Families are in pains and facing difficulties as a result of communal clashes.

Uptil this day, so many communities have yet to recover their lost during communal crisis. Some of these communities include: Ke, Tombia, Okuruama, Abua, Ogbakiri, Kula, Orusangama etc. Thus communal crisis destroys, kills, maims and causes untold hardship to people. Many are today going through trauma and mental torture, because of what they have seen and witnessed in community crisis.

Let me identify some major causes of communal crisis. They are: (1) Chieftaincy Tussle

(2) Illegal sale of community land

(3) Boundary disputes

(4) False rumour

(6) Forceful acquisition of community land

(7) Existence of nonsense cult groups and fraternities

(8) Twisting of well known historical facts

(9) Discovering of oil and gas

Among these chieftaincy wrangle is the chief cause of the community crisis. Several communities are now in the law court fighting for who becomes the paramount head.

This has stirred up rancour and acrimony in towns and villages bringing underdevelopment and poverty. During community crisis dangerous weapons such as Ak rifles and explosive are freely used to cause heavy damage and panic.

There is no way a crisis community will develop. No government will site project(s) in community when its indigenes are fighting now and then. Hence this is why government ignores some communities while siting laudable projects because crisis communities cannot protect government and public facilities while fighting. So many government properties have been vandalized during crisis. Due to scare resources government could not continue to replace vandalised projects on monthly basis.

Any community which wishes to develop and enjoy the dividends of democracy, its members must avoid fighting unnecessary wars. ###


Damiete West


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