Erratic Power Supply In Rivers State

One of the essential amenities in the development of any given society is stable electricity.

This is why the government at the Federal level is doing everything possible to ensure effective and stable power supply.

The importance of electricity in the industrial advancement of a country cannot be over-emphasized. Power supply plays major roles in ensuring economic growth.

Thus non availability of electricity has negative effect on the economic and the industrial take off of a nation.

In essence electricity is a vehicle that drives a society to the land of its economic prosperity.

It is annoying to experience frequent outrage in oil rich state like Rivers that contributes so much to the socio-economic growth of the entire country.

The power supply is erratic in Rivers State. There is no part of the state that could boast of uninterrupted electricity for seven (7) hours. Due to the convulsing power supply in the state, residents are witnessing dwindling economic activities.

Several business and commercial outfits have been shut down because of lack of constant power supply. Commerce is the life wire of a nation; therefore government should do everything possible to encourage the growth of business. And one way government could do that is to revitalize the power sector to boast the economy that will in turn uplift the living standard of the masses. Government should identify the causes of power outrage and proffer solution. It is very shameful that at 54 Nigeria is still talking about frequent power failure. Let us put an end to this embarrassing situation. ###

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