OBUAHCountdown To Party Primaries: Heating The Polity Without Genuine Business, A suicide Attempt

Barely Ten (10) days to go on the purchases, filling and submissions of intent forms of the several political parties prior to screening and conduct of party primaries, some contestants or aspirants are yet to decide their fate in the system as they have no grip of the grassroot supporters, their respective parties as well as functional working apparatus to drum support for them not to mention delegates for the primary election.

What is being noticed is that many of the aspirants in the numerous party’s blocs are only there for either noise making, seeking recognitions for a possible state appointments and contract awards and other forms of compensation.

Sadly enough, no individual or party is ready to concede to any of these plots by unserious aspirants. As financial settlement and or refunds of money spent for their perceived noise making, unfortunately the serious minded one’s are not prepared to listened to anyone rather if any considers himself ripe enough to stand the primaries, such should appear on the contest floor for wrestle at the due time and date.

Suicide is an intentional act, so any aspirant who does not score the necessary requisite to vie for its party election rather making noise in order to heat up the polity for the prepared one’s is already preparing to commit suicide, or what is left for him portends suicide since he/she cannot bear what is ahead. Incidentally some of the aspirants thought they are doing or about to do business with their already failed plot to be considered for appointments, awards of contracts or refunds of campaign expenses, probably by any aspirant who must have woo them to step down or drop their ambition and possibly by a winner and flag bearer of their party.

But, the truth at the instance is clearly contrary to what the aspirants may have been contemplating. And aspirant (name withheld) said “I know it will not get to me, my party will not give it to me, because of my previous records and activities against those now at the helm of my party affairs both in the State, LG and Ward, but I think I have sorted that out with them, anyway I am just testing the waters, anything can happen. Especially now that the form fee is so outrageous and if one fails, what do I gain from there”.

The statement by the said aspirant suggest that many of them are out to heat up the polity without an atom of seriousness rather after what they gains after, this indeed is not genuine political business and ofcourse not politics.

Heating the polity is somewhat suicidal because it is anti-politics, not articulative at all, uncivilized, and barbaric, therefore must be done away with.

This calls to mind the act of a contestant who almost committed suicide in about 1990 local government poll haven loss chairmanship election to his opponent. Incidentally, such unserious fellows, who are not only greedy, selfish but always wanting leadership have flooded the field to contest this upcoming election, it high time to state that there would be no state burial for such individuals, beware.

Contest or aspiration is a norm and is however encouraged but over heating the polity is inimical to political exercise and growth as such generates unwanted tensions, blood letting or lost of lives and ofcourse breeds anarchy in the system, where brothers sees no reason to speak the truth, rather hates each other.

Over heating the polity, from available research reveals the non-serious minded aspirants who thought they are in business as those responsible for it, while the prospective winners and favoured aspirants remain resolute, busy working out modalities for their expected winning chances rather than making inflammatory statements around.

Prospective winners deals on issues rather than individuals. It is their heart beat to conquer the constituents as well as finding ways to solving their persistent problems. They are those who return to the people for appreciation while the noise makers could not because they seems their noise has earn them such victory.

Now that the party primaries is around the corner, viable and qualified aspirants as well as chaffs and those who dwell on past glory if they had any at all, are all out to slot it out, thereby overheating the polity for those who would have gotten easy access to their victory. Again, while contest is welcomed it should be for the serious minded fellows rather than the chaffs who do not have any profitable and genuine business to do on the field of politics but constituting nuisance to others especially from their area.

There are qualities expected of an aspirant and if some of those qualities are probably lacking, then such individual cannot be considered by the people.

Are you an aspirant, a contestant either for the forth coming National, State and LG elections to come; and even your posters are rejected by the people, then the result is that your candidacy is outrightly opposed to as well as forbidden; casting aspersions on even posters is an act of rejection and worth weeping for, think and make a u-turn on your actions.

To this end, those without developmental zeal, love for the populace and electorate should quit the scene now before the party primaries and devoid heating the polity for smooth conduct of the primaries of various political parties, acknowledging that meddling with the political structure of a political party without anything to offer for the interest of such political party amounts to suicide mission and that could be dangerous for a political party’s structure.

Recently, there was an alarm from the Ogoni axis against ugly utterances and discrediting those they described as credible aspirants by those who are yet to defined their status in the All Progressives Congress, saying that those who do that are aspirants without fate in their aspirations but are bent to run down those with future.

This is exactly what Issues Abattoir is stressing, and it is evident that those without vision, mission and ofcourse the people’s back up are those maligning the supposed just aspirants, hence becoming a cug in the wheel of progress.

If the political atmosphere is to be sanitized, then political parties must not only be cautious, willing and decisive but must make it a point of duty not only to screen out such noise makers who heat up the polity but also ban them from such act and subsequently contest of elections.

It is the submission of Issues Abattoir that though contest is a norm in political atmosphere, what is yet to be done is the monitoring and curtailing certain of undesirable elements from coming on stage to heating up the polity.

Again, inflammatory and incisive statements which could also heat up the polity could be prevented if such arrogant and disrespectful individuals are quickly spotted and shown the way out of contest then, the needed violent free atmosphere would be achieved in the polity.

Therefore, let this few days to party primaries be a fruitful time to curb and screen out over ambitious individuals without mission and vision to the society.

A Stitch in time saves Nine, as the current situation in the State would no longer be tolerated in due course. The citizenry are weary of what is ongoing in the State without respect. ###


With James Mgboineme

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