War Looms In Bakana

This is to bring to the knowledge of the government, the good people of Bakana and the general public of the imminent danger looming to be unleashed in Bakana. We want to warn that any breakdown of law and order in Bakana which is imminent should be blamed on the inaction of government to effect the laws of the land.

The Igbanibo Will-Braide House, who are the losers in Suit No. PHC/193/84 are breaking the law with impunity. The Odum Barboy House, who are the victors have made several efforts to redress this anomaly, but to no avail. We have written series of letters and petitions to the relevant arms of government and security agencies, also to no avail. We are irked that our continuous and diligent respect of the laws of the land is turning us into a laughing stock. We are being denigraded and abused with reckless abandon by the Will-Braide House. They have continuously been selling lands belonging to the community to people they like.

Now, the Will Braides have started stock piling arms and recruiting people to cause confusion in the community by claiming to be of the Odum Barboy group. We are making it crystal clear that we will vehemently resist this to any level.

They have continuously impersonated the Amadabo of Bakana and even accorded to themselves, the functions, duties and privileges of the Amadabo of Bakana. The Amadabo of Bakana as recognized by the whole of Kalabari and the Amanyanabo of Kalabari, HM King (Prof) T. J. T. Princewill Amachree XI, the Kalabari Council of Chiefs and the government is HRH O.O.Odum VIII. He was crowned and installed since 1992, and nobody from the Odum House has risen against him. The Will-Braide House alone is parading no less than the three people as Amadabo of Bakana.

This sensitive issue is capable of dismantling the peace of the community. Since the government has shown a lukewarm attitude to these complaints, we have decided to take our fate in our hands and fight for our rights and privileges. From hence, anyone who impinges on the law will be severely dealt with, without fear or favour. We want to assure the government and the security agencies that we are capable and able to defend our rights, since the government does not want to respect law-abiding citizens.

In view of this, we want to let the people of Bakana and the general public to know where to place the blame if any breakdown of law and order occurs in Bakana Community.

Let it be known that we are appealing for swift government intervention before the imminent danger snowballs into chaos and mayhem. This can be done by inviting both parties involved in Suit PHC/193/84 and amicably settle this matter once and for all. Failure to do this, we are afraid, might degenerate into chaos and mayhem which is absolutely unnecessary at this moment in time. A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE.

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