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ISSUES ABATTOIR: The Battle Ahead: Time To Discover True Democrats

MUAZULast episode of Issues Abattoir was centred around the upcoming autonomy of the third tier of government commonly referred to as “Local Government Council”

The lessons concentrated on the government, the political Parties, electorate, Aspirants and ofcourse the career civil servants known as the principal officers.

On the government at the centre Issues Abattoir suggested thorough   scrutiny on individuals who may wish to be voted who may be backed or allowed to sail, on what their blueprints is all about, past records or glory, attitudes from within and outside their domain or community. It was equally proposed that political parties should hold internal or public debates to accentuate the preparedness of aspirants as well as their intent on the citizenry if voted into power.

Another was on the electorate to basically know whom they are bringing to represent them while the aspirants themselves should be allowed to pass through several tests and finally the principal officers who are key actors in local government administrations.

Having considered the above, it was believed that LG would be a better place than ever, appealing for all to support the move to constitutionalise LG.

In this episode, several Issues would be discoursed with emphasis on the subject matter, discovering true democrats during and after the various party’s primaries.

It is no gain saying that the numerous political parties in the country are in serious preparation and politicking on who flies their parties flag in the coming poll. In no less than thirty (30) days, it is expected that the political parties would submits list of their preferred candidates for the February 14th and 28th, 2015 general elections. This happens after the respective primaries must have been held, but something is sure that there must be grievances arising from the choices of the “who is who” in each of the party. There are those whose candidacy may not meet the approval of the decision makers of the various party’s thus, disagreement, appeals and ofcourse litigations may definitely arise.

In all of these, the alleged suspended 2007 K-leg saga may be reintroduced especially in states where numerous aspirants are vying for certain position particularly gubernatorial position. Such is also envisage in political parties where consensus approach were not introduce on time but at the expiration of time. If consensus candidacy is to be employed, it ought to have been on time like what the Peoples Democratic Party did on their presidential position.

Now, while consensus candidacy is welcomed in some quarters, and expected to have been done earlier, it is expected that the process which must favour not all but an individual might certainly bring about disunity, disagreement and possible defection into other parties.

It is also a view that some who may not be favoured through the process may not open up but may be in their party to wreck havoc against it on the d-day.

This is where, when and what democrats are not only tested, discovered but also trusted, in the event that they are deprived of what they agitates for.

In the unfolding weeks ahead, may politicians would want to abandon their political parties in search for a possible place to exert their influences and probably contest their desired positions in some other platforms, peradventure they are disapproved, disappointed or ruled out of the contest through screening.

While timing is of essence to the calendar of the electoral umpire, INEC, as enshrined in the nation’s electoral guidelines of 2010 as amended, it was learnt that many of the aspirants are not only trying to form an alliance but making consultations with other silent political parties on their possible defection and flying such party’s flag particularly in Rivers State.

Those forming alliances are mainly those of minute or little standing, whose aspirations are supposedly geared towards nothing than compensations and appointments. Their alliances are often against the mostly adjudged popular aspirants, taking Rivers for an instance. But, one thing is paramount, any gang up against a popular aspirant or candidate would definitely not succeed because popularity defers from what many consider it to be.

In this transitional year, what takes the centre stage is not money but belief and trust in the programmes, activities of an aspirant irrespective of his abode. Many thought the 2015 election may be full of blood but they will be disappointed because Nigeria is higher than any individual or group of persons and as the Christians are daily praying for the peace of Nigeria, God must answer their prayers.

As it is posited above, it is not blood shed that would decide winner of the 2015 polls but electorates power, conscience and decisions of the electorate anchored on trust and not money that would decide the champion of the 2015 elections at all levels.

It is no time for compensations but moment for sober reflections on our national life as well as the status of citizenry at the states. For those who did not only drafted their blueprint rather proves beyond doubt their preparedness to ensure the peoples welfare, it is considered they could gain the confidence of the people by securing their votes, hence whoever may be unserious looking for compensation may be losing his credibility if there is any at all.

It is therefore a call on the electorate to do such things that would bring joy to them and ensure a consciousness nurtured by truth while alive.

Yes, there are numerous political parties, the choices for the various offices equally differs, it is expected that electorate would listen and participate in the forthcoming debates of the various parties, then decide their line of actions.

This is the time to discover the democrats; democrats are not “self centred” let the decision of each party remains and constitute their voices.

Those who will abandon their party for another for a singular reason of not being the flag bearer of the former are not democrats but dictators and self centred.

Those who fight their party for not using or nominating them are not democrats, others who form parallel blocs against their party’s decision are not democrats and democrats are those strong supporters of democracy, and advocates of democratic politics.

Let it be on record now, that as the nation is so tasty of peace, it is the time to discover those who really support Nigeria’s quests for unity and peace.

God bless you all. ###


With James Mgboineme


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