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Making God A Reality: Experiencing And Understanding God

To access the Fifth Heaven, an individual would need a Spiritual Guide. These Spiritual Guides belong to the order of individuals who have attained the state of consciousness known as God Consciousness. In other words, they have realized themselves as Soul, realized themselves as God and they have graduated to become Co-workers with God. They have become like adult children of God, their Father and have now returned home to contribute their quota to the family business. Thus these God realized beings have one mission: To lead those children who are ready back home to God.

These Godmen do not belong to any religion. They simply love God and are willing to scout for Souls who love God within different religions and guide them on how to visit the heavens of God and experience God. Some members of these Spiritual Guides walk amongst men of today. Some live on Venus and in the different heavens of God at various Temples of Golden Wisdom located in the first, second, third fourth and fifth heavens. Those who have spiritual guides can access these heavens without dying. Some walk amongst men but one who sees then can be very fortunate indeed for they hardly make themselves known to mankind. But they are always available to help man.

The head of this group of God realized beings is known as the Living Godman, the Spiritual Coach who coordinates all the affairs of these Godmen. The Spiritual Coach is the Word of God made Flesh, that ‘dwelleth amongst men’. He is alive and well but resides in the United States of America. He is the latest along a line of unbroken Masters or Godmen who have come to provide love and succor for all souls who are ready to find their way back home to heaven. The job of the Spiritual Coach is very simple, for he asks the individual: Are you ready to go back home to God? If the answer is yes, then Sing HU and we shall meet in the first heaven where the spiritual training of the individual begins. Suffice to mention that the Spiritual Coach does not belong to any religion but no religion can survive without the Living Word. For He is the source of all spiritual nourishment being enjoyed today in the world because He is the Voice of God. For He is the only one who can show you the heavens of God while the individual is still alive. He is the only Godman who can come to you when you need God.

This is why I have always written that the way to the heavens of God is within man. The gate is located within the forehead, in between the eyebrows at the back of the pituary gland. This gate is usually referred to as the spiritual eye or the third eye. An individual cannot pass through this gate except with the help of the Spiritual Coach, the head of these God realized beings. This is that gate that was described as being very narrow that for man to pass through it can be compared to an elephant passing through a needle. In fact, if an individual has achieved knowing only the spiritual eye in this lifetime, he would have succeeded tremendously much more than all the sycophants claiming to be ‘men of God’. They are simply ‘men of words’ who keep quoting from outdated ‘Holy Books’.

So to understand God, man would need to experience God. But to experience God, man would need to experience the Holy Spirit of God, which is actually the essence of God, also known as the Voice of God. If you check all the scriptures, there abound experiences of individuals making contact with this Voice of God but nowhere is it recorded how man can have the same experience. This is why so many pastors, self-styled prophets and so called ‘men of God’ keep quoting from the experiences individuals like Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, the Apostles, Rumi, Muhamad and others had with God.

How come the man of today cannot have the same experience? Could it be that they do not know the way? If they did, how come they have not shown or referred to their personal experiences with God?

The way to God is through personal experience. But how can man experience God or the Voice of God commonly referred to as the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit appears to the human eye as Light and can be heard as Sound. For any individual to experience God therefore, he can only experience this as Light and Sound. The first place however for man to have this experience is within man himself! If an interested individual shuts his eyes for a moment, and blocks his or her ears with the forefingers, he would hear the Sound of God roaring within him. When this sound stops, man is said to have died.

But for man to consciously experience this Voice of God, man would need to withdraw his attention from the nine doors within man that leads to the outside world. These nine doors are: The two eyes, the two nostrils, the two ears, the mouth, the sex organ and the rectum. When man withdraws the attention from this spots, he can muster all concentration and place the attention on the Tisra-til, while singing HU, the Holy and Sacred name for God.

In most of my writings, I have always mentioned the HU. This is because the HU is the beginning and the ending of all man’s search for God. When man has encountered the HU, the Holy and Secret name for God, he does not need any ‘man of god’, prophet or prophetesses, ‘babalawos’ or any kind of seer for that matter. The HU is the direct phone number to God Almighty without any intermediaries. For any individual who has not sang the HU, the gates of heaven will remain shut and the individual will continue to ‘go and come’, ‘go and come’, die and be reborn and roll over on the wheel of the eighty four, the wheel of karma and reincarnation. There is no other way to the heavens of God but through the HU, the secret and scared name for God.

I remember being on a flight from Lagos to Port Harcourt and the flight ran into very bad weather causing turbulence around the plane. We were experiencing ‘potholes’ in air and the occupants of the plane became very scared. I could remember different individuals calling different names for God. In fact the lady beside me grabbed my neck out of fright, thinking we were going to crash. I began to sing the HU the Holy and sacred name of God quietly. I sang ‘Huuueeue!’ quietly on the outward breath for a few moments, surrendering the situation into the eyes of God. Immediately I could see the blue Light of God flashing within the plane, indicating the presence of my Spiritual Coach, my Spiritual Guide.

Everything became calm after a while. I sat relaxed and the lady beside regained her senses then she asked:

‘How come you remained silent and quiet throughout?’ she asked

‘Scared of what?’ I asked calmly.

‘The plane’ she continued.

‘But it is calm now’ I replied ‘This plane will land safely in Port Harcourt’ I assured her

‘But how do you know?’ she demanded.

‘It is a long story…’

But this is one way to experience God. There are several other ways but they all begin with the HU, the Holy and Sacred name for God. For the individuals who want to experience God on a one-on-one basis, these individuals should find a place where they will not be disturbed for about twenty minutes. The individual can find a chair or a sofa; sit in a ‘tailor fashion’ with legs firmly on the floor, eyes closed, with attention focused in-between the two eyebrows. The individual should allow loving thoughts to flow through the mind by remembering moments with loved ones: husbands, wife, mother sister, brother or friend. This is very necessary in this process because love is the only way to God. When the heart is thus filled with love, the individual can take in a couple of deep breaths and on the outward breadth, sing HU as in ‘Hueeuuuuuuu! in along drawn out tone The individual takes in another deep breadth and on the outward breadth, sing Hu again. This should be repeated for about ten to twenty minutes with the attention fastened on the Spiritual Eye located in between the two eye brows. If the individual continues this for about seven days, he or she should watch his dreams for any feedback from God.

For some individuals, the experience of God comes while singing the HU. The individual can see the light or can hear the sound as ‘rushing wind’. While for others, it may take a little bit longer. But let it be known that this technique has worked for so many others. It can work for you too, if you sincerely want to experience God. It is only the bold and courageous that can definitely find God while the meek will continue to quote from Holy Books and eventually inherit the earth many, many times.

Next Week: Facts you need to know about God!

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