Is Love A Commandment?

Many great men of old like Gideon, Samson, Yephtah, Eliyah, Samuiah, Daniah etc stood their grounds to deliver the true message or prophecies to men of their days without fear or favour. And great courage were applied by such men in order to achieve their missions. They demonstrated their love to their fellow mortals because many of them died while exercising such hallowed duties. Likewise Yahoshea Meshiyach and his disciples during their own days courageously demonstrated love through their ministry, a man surrounded by great opposition, yet he kept on doing the works of Yahweh. His death moment was an outspoken way of love because instead of fighting back, he kept on praying for his offenders.

His disciples followed the footstep of their master. Since Yahoshea was killed by those days authority, there were orders that his disciples should not be allowed to operate freely. Yahosheans were warned not to preach or teach on the name of Yahoshea Meshiyach, but they defiled such order and went ahead preaching that instead Yahoshea has risen and ascended unto Yahweh. By such act, they attracted the wrath of the authority who saw Yahoshea as fanatical heretic who is worst to an armed robber. And that was why they released Barsabas and jointly upheld to kill Yahoshea. By such act of discipleship, Yahosheans were subjected to torture, persecution and killings.

Stephen was first to be publicly executed and he prayed in the manner of Yahoshea – that may Yahweh not hold unto his killers the account of his blood. Likewise many other Yahosheans went through such horrible treatments and they still stood firm because they were convinced that it is only the techniques of Yahosheanism that can aid the entire humanity to gain freedom from spiritual enslavement. To the disciples of Yahoshea, good prayers are for the detractors and not vengeance. And those are the challenges of our life as we move along this path of honour. Are we ready to forgive our enemies? Can we plan good for those that hate us? Can we offer help to them when they are in trouble? Or do we go for thanksgiving when our enemies are trapped? Remember the law of laws says “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

Behold, the earth is a mystery, and where the mystery is the deepest is the gate of all that is subtle and wonderful. Sons of men are crumbling on the ground because of false teachings and interpretations to the forces of nature, and the only consolation is that though falsehood will persist for a while, but truth will certainly reappear.

When our root is too deep, we need not fear the wind. We draws our life nutrients from the glad tidings of the COSMIC MESHIYACH who is known in earth and spirit as Yahoshea Meshiyach. And hence the glad news is from above, it is above all earthily conceptions.

It demands a highly grown mind in spirit (a mind of a higher reasoning horizon) to capture the teachings. And the glad tidings from the COSMIC MESHIYACH solidly confirm the existence of karma and its principles. He is sporadically heard saying “whatever one sows same he shall reap,” “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy”, “He who kills by sword will die by sword” “forgive us our sins as we forgive those that trespass against us” etc. All this are in tune with karmic principles.

If our erudite pastors and bishops are aware of such verses, why do they invoke Holy Ghost powers or fire to consume, destroy or devour their offenders? Did Yahoshea taught such in his prayer mood?

Love can be understood better by the entire humanity from the angle of Karma. Karma is the natural law of justice, the law of sow and reap. It is not a vengeful statue but it equates a corresponding reaction to any action. For instance love attract love, it is only when we give out love to others, that we will be competent to demand love from others.

It was enumerated by Yahoshea Meshiyach’s parable of a wicked debtor, a debtor who received forgiveness of his huge debt from his master, but refused to forgive a meager amount owned him by his fellow servant. That act didn’t go down well with his master when he heard it, which prompted the master to commit the debtor into prison until he will pay the forgiven huge debt. It is not justifiable to forgive one who doesn’t forgive others, because the amount of love you sow to others is the equal proportion that will be paid back to you.

Do you know that all the relationship you have are shaped by your karma from your past worlds? All your relations such as father, mother, brothers, sisters, children, uncles, aunts, nephews, in-laws and rest of them are arranged from your pre-earthily arrangement. And their attitudes or characters are in tune with justice or balance as was designed in your previous worlds. Can you explain in ordinary why some members of your relations are after you and your life even when you cannot trace the origin of the offensives? Some relations of today are there only to demand for the justice of what or how you handled them in your past worlds. If you are properly aware of such arrangement, why do you return hatred to their hateful attitudes towards you? Don’t you know that by paying hatred with hatred, you are increasing your woes and that can never be the rightful solution to the scenario.

Love is the only force that can counteract hatred as light subdues the darkness and breaks the chains of karma offenses or vengeance. That is why Yahoshea Meshiyach taught that his fellowers must forgive their offenders seventy seven times, in a single day. These wholesome forgiveness will go a long way to offset our previous karma and set in motion or increase of our spiritual credit or assets. Remember we are taught to be mindful of our spiritual purse or treasure which is eternal than the earthily treasure where the termites and mots can lay hand and devour or destroy.

As we journey towards the path of ETERNITY, all humanity must come to the awareness or consciousness of karma and its unbending rule. The portrait of karma was a cautious sign for the ancients although the modern man ignores it, but karma is a must whether believed or not. For whosoever that refuses to practice love for the sake of redemption of his fellow mortals including his enemy will certainly face the karmic portraits and must be bent low to bear the accurate balance for his failed responsibility.


Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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