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The Living Word in the Year of Spiritual Healing (2)

I moved around through the familiar airport and virtually spent the three hours meant for our connecting flight to Minneapolis MSP. We were asked to board and being a frequent flier, I also enjoy the privilege of boarding first and settling down before the place became rowdy. I quickly did my spiritual exercises to align myself spiritually. As usual, my Spiritual Guide indicated His eternal presence quietly at my side. I had brought out one of the books to read but intermittently I journeyed into the heavenly worlds to mingle with other beings that you cannot perceive their existence or see with the physical eyes. But they do exist. It is a matter of vibration.

We settled down for the flight that would take about 9 hours to MSP. Boredom was not an issue here as many laid their hands on movies, books and other attention seeking matters. Bu who wants to watch a movie when one can enjoy the bliss of heaven? I slipped in and out through dream travel and was duly woken up by my Guide when meals were being served.. From my vantage position, I could see what was going on inside the plane. I needed physical as well as spiritual food.

As we journeyed through the skies I spent most of the time in between the physical and the spiritual worlds. Most often when we sleep or die, we simply wake up in one of the heavens of God. These heavens range from the first, containing the physical worlds and universes especially our own solar system. This is why we could see the green color when our plane started climbing up towards the United States. The color of the physical worlds is green. Often times when we sleep, Soul is able to drop the physical body and journeys into the first heaven commonly known as the first heaven. This plane of existence is light purple in color. This is where most people who are not spiritually developed go to when they leave the physical body either through sleep or death. Any individual who falls asleep should try and remember where his or her physical body was when they dream. The second heaven is orange in color, while the third is blue. Between the violet colored fourth heaven and the translucent mist of the fifth heaven is a dark veil that no impure soul can go through except with the help of the Spiritual Coach, the Living Godman. He is the only one mandated by God to lead all ready Souls in form back home to God. Only him can pass through this thick black void.

So in-between the flight I journeyed to and from these heavens at will. On different occasions, I jotted down priceless information obtained from these inner worlds. Sometimes I had to wakeup for food but thereafter, I went back into these heavens of God because my Spiritual Guide was available and waiting to take me on these journeys.

Shortly, we landed at Minneapolis St Paul, one of the international airports in America. At this time of every year, a sizeable crowd has been given inner invitation to come and listen physically to the Living Word. Thus the crowd in the waiting hall were from China, Europe, Africa and more than 54 countries of the world. They have all been invited by the Living Word to this seminar. It is indeed a privilege for any soul to be invited.

I concluded the airport formalities and proceeded to downtown Minneapolis to check into a hotel I had earlier pre-booked. The taxi took us on the ride downtown and one cannot but admire the environment; the roads, always well paved year in-year out, the lawns well mowed, the tree dancing happily under the light snow forming and the breeze. How can one come to America without admiring the country?. No wonder the people are cocky simply because they know what obtains in another country.

However, if the individual realizes that the world environment is a big training school, you need countries like Nigeria, Sudan, Syria Kenya, Ethiopia and others where souls can learn about how to receive and give love to their fellow human beings. These worlds were actually created for the purpose of training Souls about the lessons of life. So conflict areas also have their spiritual usefulness.

‘How much?’ I asked the cabbie as he pulled up in front of the Hilton Minneapolis

‘Forty-two Dollars!’ My brain did a little bit of calculation and translated 42 US Dollars to N8000.

Welcome to America! I thought cautiously.

Every environment is a state of consciousness. If an individual is moving across consciousness boundaries he had better be prepared. I went through accommodation formalities and went into my room on the 12th floor. I quickly did a scan of the room spiritually and decided I need to sing HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God. People checking in and out of hotels have a lot to contend with spiritually so I needed to sing HU to invite my Spiritual Guide to come into my state of consciousness.

This is why people who pray for others without their permission usually have a lot of problems like health challenges and others simply because it is a spiritual violation to pray for people. For those who violate this spiritual law out of ignorance, they simply pick up the karma of the individual they are praying for and suffer the adjoining consequences. Ignorance is not an excuse. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday went so fast. On Saturday, the Hilton Hotel, venue of the seminar was packed full for those who have been privileged to listen to the Living Word in the Year of Spiritual Healing. The greatest form of healing man can have is the healing of the consciousness which later transforms the individual physically, financially, healthwise and eventually lead the individual towards spiritual freedom and spiritual healing. This spiritual healing enables the individual to be liberated from the wheel of the 84, the wheel of Karma and reincarnation. Yes, a meeting with the Living Word can liberate any individual from centuries and lifetimes of karmic loads that the individual carry as baggage into this world for many lifetimes.

This is the meaning of that statement which says: ‘When the spiritual student is ready, the Master appears!’

Nothing in all the universes of God can stop this two from meeting because the good karma of the individual has made him or her to earn this meeting. No government can legislate against it, no entity can stop it, no power in all the universes can stop this meeting. The love demonstrated by the individual will eventually lead him to the feet of the Living Word, the Love of God made flesh. It is only a living mother that can breastfeed a living child. Thus anyone thirsty of the reality of God must someday come to the feet of the Living Word to experience the reality of God.


To be continued



By Tuborki Dauyemie

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