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Rotimi-AmaechiIf there is anything that is constant, inevitable and worth yearns for, then it is change.
Much had been said, heard, and discussed about change but many could not grasp the kind of it either positive or negative, yet people professes change as their set goal.
The All Progressives Congress, APC, amongst others believes “Change” as its slogan claiming to change Nigeria. In its Pre-electioneering campaign, the APC told Nigerians they would change Nigeria within six (6) months if elected into power.
One of the moral ethics for ascertaining sound mind, integrity, and how good an individual is, is his or her words which are generally believed to be a bond particularly in the social and public sector.
Many public individuals have earned recognitions in the area of saying a thing and implementing it within record time. Such men included AkwaIbom State outgoing governor —His Excellency , Obong Godswill Obot Akpabio (CON), His Excellency, Emmanuel Uduagha outgoing governor of Delta State, His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) outgoing President and Connander in-chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, amongst few others.
To the glory of God Almighty, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, had forfeited all including challenging her failure in the Presidential election tribunal and conceded defeat to the APC, it is incredible in Nigeria Political history.
The president elect under the APC, RTD General Mohammadu Buhari had consistently approached the courts for the three times he contested election against fonner president Olusegun Obasanjo, late President Umaru Musa Ya’dua and incumbent Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
One thing is sure; if election had not favoured the APC, Buhari would have eventually drag the winners to courts as they are doing now in some States including Rivers State.
Again, the APC would have continued to claim they would change Nigeria in six months.
The President-elect, Buhari again has restated that it will take longer time to rebuild Nigeria. This was against Buhari’s claims before and during the election.
What baffles many Nigerians is the motive behind president-elect, Rtd general Buhari ‘s continuous lamentation over the difficulty in changing the country he boasted of changing within six months. He is yet to be sworn-in but his incessant complaint against his initial claims of changing Nigeria in a short while, is signaling something negative to Nigerians.
What has he seen before his ascension into the office he had yearn for over the years, that frightens him and resulted to such deviation from his original intensions to change Nigerian in 6 months of assumption of office.
Nigerians, have somehow being thrown into confusion over what kind of change the incoming administration is contemplating on from May 29th
Issues Abattoir wishes to remind Nigerians that words are bond to men of integrity, and advice all to support their leaders other than running them down as seen in the main opposition party instead of providing constructive criticism and solutions tend to run down President Goodluck Elebe Jonathan and the PDP.
The numerous reports in the media on the comments, renamed as fears credited to the incoming President Buhari, on the sudden difficulty in changing Nigeria is considered as a cry of incompetence even before his Oath taking.
Such cry is aimed to garner excuses when he eventually fails to meet the aspiration of the people as he takes over in the next few weeks.
Like said earlier, in Rivers State, those Professing change had hardly affected positively anything since the change party APC took over the state in 2013.
Today, workers in the state are being owed several months without thought of payment. Pensioners owed 4 months, Civil Servants owed 3 months, Tima-Riv owed over eight months and the list is endless, yet the state has reportedly dole out over four billion (N4b) for the conduct of Local Government elections which the governor has less than three weeks to vacate office.
Another question generating fears amongst Nigerians is whether the APC is branding change in the Negative or Positive?
According to all available reports, the President-elect and the governor’s under the broom Party are working to institute what they term as change but what kind of change do they refer to since their activities is devoid of any Positive Change, using Rivers State as a pointer.
As an inevitability change is defined according to the oxford advanced learners dictionary as “ to pass or make somebody or something pass from one state or form to another.
When change is mentioned in any context of a polity, what necessarily comes to one’s mind is positivity, a huge sigh of relief then inform the mind.
Change when witnessed generally brings about smiles on the faces of the citizenry, meaning that a new hope has come into being. Change is always expected to be positive rather than negative. Hence the many questions on governor Amaechi type of change.
Many believed change is constant hence it is inevitable and a welcome development in any society and the citizens are clothed in joy as well as possibly celebrate the sight of such light.
Suffice to say that change is light, progress, development and new hope as explained above, otherwise no individual would rejoice for the noise of an acclaimed entrant of hope judging from the way and manner the governor and his party are going about the system. Is he governing with grudge against anyone? he is a valiant man, no one could dire him, then why is he with his vainglory acting like a man who is being chased by ghosts?
It is no longer news in Nigeria and Rivers State in particular where the noise of the said change has bedeviled, blindfold and off-course enslave many that the governor has turned a tyrant doing only what he considers against the will of the people and the constitution he sworn to.
As the manners of many are, to always embrace anything new, Rivers people were not only carried away but also deceived into following the train of the acclaimed change which was later discovered to be evil, and betrayals.

With James Mgboineme

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