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May 29: Wike Will Meet Empty Treasury– Amaechi

amaechi4The Rivers state governor, Chibuike Amaechi, has revealed that Rivers state is broke and the governor-elect, Nyesom Wike, is in for a surprise.

Amaechi assured the nation not to worry, saying that the president-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, would fix the nation’s finances.

Amaechi was speaking at the weekend in Port Harcourt at a meeting of the Rivers All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate, Dr. Dakuku Peterside’s campaign.

Amaechi began by thanking God and asked God to provide help for the next government.

Amaechi said: “God answered our prayers to save us. He also answered our prayers to save Nigeria. I’m not joking, we have no money anywhere. In Rivers State, no money. I think Nyesom Wike is coming, we are waiting. He will look for money for salary; there is none. Luckily for us, we endured these pains because we had to pay our loans.

“We are enduring the pain because we are paying our loans. Maybe he is lucky because we have paid out a lot of our loans if not all. So, he will have to manage. But when he pays out salary, we will see if any of them can do what we did in this state: whether they can build the schools, the roads, even to get a loan.”

Amaechi praised the level of work being done by the special panel meant to investigate the pre-election violence in the state.

He also claimed that a newly promoted Commissioner of Police, John Amadi, had tried to assassinate him.

His words: “I will say to all of you that there is a man called John Amadi, former Deputy Commissioner of Police, who sat down and ran a programme to embarrass the APC and embarrass the incoming federal government; even after Buhari had won the presidency. Now, to embarrass us further, I hear he has been promoted to a Commissioner of Police and transferred out of Port Harcourt. He will come back. John Amadi will come back; you will see. The only way he will not come back is if we don’t form government, but if we form government, he will account for his actions.

“After John Amadi, an Assistant Commissioner of Police in Khana said it is mutiny to take on the federal government, and sat down and fought APC as if he was a PDP member. I don’t know whether he has been promoted or not, but if he has been promoted, he will also come back. That one does not require a judge. The Inspector General of Police (IG) can promote them as he wants; he can even promote them up Assistant Inspector-General of Police, but they must all account for their actions.

“John Amadi intended to kill me and I will tell you how. On my way to my village to go and vote, I ran into some criminals attacking an APC member and I stopped. I stopped with the intention to rescue the gentle man and arrest those people, as governor. I did not know that they had given instruction to my own security not to obey me.

“So, when I told the policemen to arrest them, they were just standing. On further inquiries, I was told that we were told not to go anywhere they were voting. When I asked the C4I to reinforce security, John Amadi called them back and asked them to leave there. The only thing that saved me and saved the situation was that the Brigade Commander sent in soldiers.

“The soldiers sent the criminals away and the people were speaking my language saying, ‘somebody will die here now’ and who was that somebody, other than me? My SSS men were watching, my policemen were watching and my life was at risk. I am supposed to be the governor of Rivers State; the so-called Chief Security Officer.”

Amaechi then said that God answered his prayer by granting Buhari victory in the elections. He revealed that he had fasted for ”10 months while in Ghana and God answered our prayers.”

Meanwhile Dakuku Peterside thanked his fellow followers and said that he hoped the tribunal will come through for the APC in the state.

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