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Rivers Super League: Future Stars On Display

The ongoing Rivers State Super League Football Competition is certainly poised to throw future footballers (stars) in the football international market for shopping.

Watching the representatives of the Bille Kingdom, known as Awoba Stars, at the Sharks football stadium, there is good omen for both local and international football clubs for potential future stars to be shopped for as the competition has all types of footballers in it mould.

It is now left for scouts and football agents to beam their searching eyes on the next Ronaldo or Messi at the Sharks stadium throughout the competition to pick the next unknown players to emerge on the local and international football scene.

Awoba stars are the defending champions. The pace and standard of the competition is changing every year. This year, the publicity level is poor.

One good thing about this type of competition, it encourages grassroots football and give hope to up coming players to remain focused.

The football academics can now place their priority on this kind of competition to assemble good players to be groomed for the future.

Players like Obafemi Martins and others left Nigeria as ripe players but was incorporated into an Academy, for a season, before graduating to the junior team and later to the senior A team for action.

The Newswriter sports hopes, this year Super league will produce the next Nigeria Super star.   ###

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