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Andoni LGA: Political Appointees Weep…As Council Boss Dissolves Cabinet

Barely six months to the end of the current Local Government administration in Rivers State, the political appointments in the Andoni Local Government council has been dissolved.
The chairman of the Council, Hon. Orom Nte Ereforokuma announced the dissolution through his Press Secretary, Kalistus Oke while he was away in America.
Immediately after the announcement which came as a shocker to many of the appointees, gate to the chairman’s residential building was locked against the many favour seekers who crowded wishing to lobby for a return. Unfortunately, they met the absence of the chairman who they were informed after several hours of waiting that he was out of the country.
The Newswriter’s independent political search light was beamed on the area to ascertain why the chairman could have dissolved his cabinet having been working with them since inception of his administration.
It was revealed further that, the chairman had earlier acted against the proposition of the party whose umbrella he rolled on to the office, when he was advised to plan a tenure of single year for the appointees because of the large crowd of supporters.
“The party aimed at encouraging, supporting and carrying along her teaming supporters in the area but the chairman ignored the party’s advice,” the source said.
On the reason for the sudden dissolution, the sources within the chairman’s sacked exco and appointees reveals that, the appointees were all allegedly working against the leadership of Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi in the area.
An appointee who pleaded anonymity said that “every body belongs to the PDP, whether Amaechi or Obuah, they will reconcile someday and work together”.
According to him, it does not matter who is involved, but now that the sledged hammer has come on all, it is incumbent on all to learn their lessons.
The sack was reportedly prompted on the Governor’s quest to sanction the chairman over alleged compromise with those opposed to him in the local cabinet.
Some sacked members of the cabinet like the sacked Federal Ministers were seen physically weeping as they were axed down unexpectedly.
Some of the dissolved appointees who were accused of working with the group loyal to the party’s chairman in the state, Felix Obuah had, however, debunked the insinuation but expressed courage over the unexpected sack.
Meanwhile, the council boss, Ereforokuma is back in the state and yet to make any move for replacement of his cabinet.
The Newswriter has also gathered that the chairman is likely to reduce the size of his appointees particularly the Special Assistants and personal Assistants.
Further investigation reveals that some of the appointees are likely not ready to work for the chairman’s return as he is said of contemplating running for a second term, as another reason responsible for their sack.
The Newswriter further gathered that some of the appointees in the local cabinet are already eyeing and working towards vying for the chairmanship position, which the source said may not also be unconnected with the chairman’s decision to cripple their ambition now.
The jostle for the LGA Chairmanship seat in the state has began in earnest but there are indications that the chairmen may be in office to conduct election in 2014, giving room for those wishing to return to do so with ease. ###

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