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Grassroots Tournaments Discovered Players Without Sponsors

PYAGBARA CHRISTIANThe encouraging show of soccer promoters and enthusiasts of discovering hidden burden soccer talents in the grassroots is something worthwhile doing, but how can a fish be killed and not being used in it perspective?

The people throwing and sponsoring grassroots soccer tournaments are doing a great deal of favour to the hidden talented young soccer stars in grassroots, but what happen after they might have been discovered?

While commending such philanthropist, they should equally provide in their programmes how those discovered new upcoming players could be supported to advance further.

Maybe, in a way of partnering with foreign clubsides, or clubs campaigning in the Nigeria Professional Football League for onward advancement for them to progress into the big stage where they could also play in the national teams.

For these not put in place, lots of soccer talents discovered from last year, for instance, will still be found around playing the same tournament. This is not advancement or progress to the player and also to the organizers of such tournaments.

It is expected that if a player is discovered this year, that player should be able to be supported by the man or woman who discovered him or her to play in either the Nigeria Professional Football League or play a clubside in abroad.

Nigeria is a country of soccer talents, basically in the grassroots, where all the raw untapped and undiscovered talents are in abundant only liken to Brazil.

The sponsors of grassroots soccer tournament should discover soccer talents and not abandon them for entertainment use only.

If they mean well, they have much better chance and opportunities to help them, if a player is discovered from a man’s grassroots soccer tournament this year and that player still plays the following grassroots soccer tournament organized by the same man, this is a defeat on the part of the man who sponsored the tournament.

The reason of organizing the tournament is to discover the player and see him excel in his God given talent. Christian Pyagbara is a complete example of what this write up is saying.

Christian Pyagabra was discovered from grassroots soccer tournaments and today he is the hope of Sharks attack line.

There should be a link with the discovered player from your tournament and his football career advancement. ###

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