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2015: President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Should not Return To S/South If… – High Chief Atubonoima Harry

harryHigh Chief Omubo Atuboinoma Harry the chairman and the National coordinator of South South Chefs, Elder, Sisters and Youths Network Association, last week spoke with our Managing Editor, Damiete West on plethora of issues ranging from the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan to zoning formular in Rivers State. Excerpt

Quest: Tell us your name?

Ans: My names are High Chief Dr. Omubo Atubonoima Harry (JP)

Quest: As the chairman and the National Director of the South-South Chiefs, Elders, Sisters and youths Network Association. What are your objectives?

Ans: Our objectives are very simply is to support and encourage good governance, based on humanity, focus and loyalty anchored on integrity and God fearing leadership in order to improve the living standard of the masses in Nigeria and to uphold honour and glory. These are the most fundamental reasons of this group. Also we shall stand against inordinate ambition that can be a liability to the nation. As custodians we shall encourage right temperament and leadership and the disposition that will have a affect on the future of this country. We also believe together we can make any dispensation a most result oriented one.

Quest: What are your reasons of supporting President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in 2015?

Ans: So many reasons. President Goodluck Jonathan is ordained by God. Nigerians have been in a leadership problem. And God brought Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as he brought David to defeat Goliath. God brought Goodluck Jonathan as He brought Moses to free the Israelites out of bondage. Nigeria is in economic bondage, Nigeria is also in political bondage. Nigeria is also in social bondage. So God has brought Goodluck Jonathan who is the most qualified president Nigeria would ever had. Based on his humility to be able to provide effective governance in order to improve the living standard of the masses. Today those in the western world, even in Africa are looking up to Nigerians. Why? They have seen a highly educated and experience leader hence we are supporting Goodluck Jonathan. Now the time has come for changes. And in these changes Nigerians should not stay behind. For example in America today, Barack Obama, no person would ever dreamt that minority – a black man would come to rule America. We must follow the tide of events. If Obama today, a black American would rule America, Goodluck Jonathan from Otueke, so called described as minority area, is coming to be the best president ever I have seen in my life time. It is the course of changes for better.

Hence we the South-South Chiefs, Elders Sisters, Youths Network Association, people of likeminds have come together to be able to support him from the bottom of our hearts.

Quest: If President Goodluck Jonathan decides not to contest in 2015, what do you intend to do?

Ans: He should not come back to the south-south region. We must complete our tenure. If Jonathan today, which I doubt because he is an obedient son, and he is a very, very careful human being, the whole world wants him to contest. The voice of men is the voice of God. And if today after all that, Goodluck Jonathan says, he does not wants to stand, then he should remain, where he is. He should not come to the South-South. He should not come to the Niger Delta. And that will never happen in Jesus name.

Quest: The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the National level has endorsed President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as its sole Presidential candidate in next year’s election. What is your opinion?

Ans: It was a very welcome idea. The world gives way to those who know where they are going. It is a history that has been created; it is a divine call from God. PDP endorsed him wholeheartedly is not a surprise gesture. Goodluck Jonathan is the man of the world. I think that Goodluck Jonathan is another Nelson Mandela. Goodluck Jonathan will be remembered forever when the contemporary history of this great nation is going to be written as far as leaders and leadership is concerned.

He is a free hearted Christian and gentleman. Goodluck Jonathan being in the Aso Rock is the Lord’s doing and ordained by God. So he cannot say that he is longer contesting. Just like God sent Moses to deliver the children of the Israel out of the bondage of Egypt. And Moses will say I will not go. That cannot happen. Moses must obey the word of God.

The way I know Goodluck Jonathan he has come to serve the people. He must do what the people have said and he is coming out to run for the presidency come 2015 you will see Goodluck Jonathan be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Infact, we are going to celebrate it on the on the 6th December, 2015.

Quest: Don’t you think that the outrageous fee for the purchase of the intent declaration/ nomination forms for aspirants eyeing various elective positions on the PDP platform will discourage good men and women from contesting?

Ans: In Nigeria, there are so many good men and women, governorship aspiration is not to wake up in your house and do what you want to do. Gone are days when people believe in godfatherism. And because of godfatherism in politics, we are not able to enjoy the good dividends of democracy. Once somebody has sponsored you, all your loyalty is unto that person. Governorship aspiration has to do with ability and capability. How capable are you, or you are coming to waste people’s time.

Rivers State is blessed with both natural and human resources. We need the right people who have been able to establish their own private business if today of many forms, Dicks and Harrys want to become a governor in this state. There are criteria. We want to look your capability on how to manage the state fund. When they say N11m, it means that you have been developed yourself to a standard, where you can bring out N11m. that means the purpose of going to steal is minimized. It is an evaluation process. I think we are in the right direction. So I don’t see anything wrong in that.

Quest: Rivers PDP has declared that there will be no zoning of governorship position in 2015. What is your opinion?

Ans: Well, the PDP has its own constitution. Forget about what individuals will say. Rivers State is not a one ethnic group. There should be no monopolistic leadership. We should try to discard monopolistic leadership, then there shall be an effective development in Rivers State as a whole. We want peace, fairness, equity and justice.

Quest: Are you in support of zoning?

Ans: Zoning can be defined in different forms. Let there will be equity and justice and fairplay. A particular ethnic group after ruling for eight (8) years courtesy demands that it should go to the other ethnic group for effective expansion and development. No person has monopoly of wisdom.

What you think you have there, somebody else also have. Let us be fair to ourselves. Let us not bring unnecessarily argumentative phrases to be able to destabilize the interest of the people.

Quest: It appears that your group is in support of Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs?

Ans: Capability comes first. For you to be a leader. You must be capable. Dumo Lulu Briggs has a platform to ride home with. Dumo is another young man, who has passion for his state. Dumo as far as I am concerned is very very capable. That is why I keep on hammering on capability. Dumo single handedly can manage his own business empire without government’s support to a standard. If you want to go the Brick House you must be capable enough to manage your own businesses. Dumo listening to the poor. He effects socio-economic development. He listening to the cry of the poor. He is a philanthropist. There is no way somebody will see a clear road and enter into the bush. Dumo coming to the Brick House is just to make a name in terms of development, creating new Rivers State, bring new cities.

All what he needs is for him to get the ticket to actualize his dream.

Like Goodluck Jonathan, some people are born to be leaders. Dumo is highly successful youngman in his own business. He does not take government money to fight or intimidate other people. Look at his campaign platform, as if Dumo is already at the Brick House. And I think that without sentiment and to be fair to nature, Dumo is very much on ground. That is my own judgment.

Quest: So have you endorsed Dumo as the next governor of Rivers State?

Ans: We will back and support people like him. Because our aim is to support and encourage good governance based on humility, respectfulness and those who know where they are going. Dumo is one of them, there might be others. But for now I am seeing that transparency of leadership and somebody that can create another cities out of Port Harcourt, such as Bori, Degema, Ahoada, Omoku etc.

We are talking of trying to solve the problems of urban shift. And the only person who can do that, I don’t say others will not do, I saw those qualities in Dumo. Hence I think I can speak, without sentiment, Dumo is a clean tarred road. Let us follow the clean tarred road so that we would not be deceived. Dumo is a good candidate.

Quest: Do you think that PDP will win in 2015?

Ans: Rivers States is a PDP State, so shall it remains so shall it be in Jesus name. Amen

Quest: What advise do you have for this who do not believe in zoning?

Ans: They should try and search their minds. One problem we have in this world is greed. Greediness has led us to avaricious. Why must we not have a school perfect forever.

It is not done anywhere in the world. There is need for change in rotation. Is that rotation that we call zoning? But I believe that what s good for the goose is also good for gender.

We are talking about equity and fairplay. If zoning can bring peace, why not. What is wrong with the zoning? Let us be fair to ourselves. Let it go round. Let us embrace change for the better. It is for the future, so that there will be no crisis. I think it is fair enough. Forget about selfishness, avaricious mindedness and come out to face the realities of life. ###


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