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Obiekwu Appointed Coach In Benin Republic

Nigerian ex-international, Kingsley Obiekwu has been appointed coach of a first division club in Seme, Benin Republic.
The Nigerian ex-international was part of the Nations cup squad in the 1994 95 Eagles. He was also a former captain of Rangers International Football Club of Enugu and contributed immensely to the upliftment of the club while he was the captain.
He was the centre of the defence in Enugu Rangers and also replicated same in the Super Eagles under Bonfrere Jo and his predesesor, Amodu Shuaibu.
The Nigerian international has a grade one coaching certificate from the coaching training he had since leaving active football.
It will further glorify the corporate image of Nigerian football that one of their own is a coach in another country.
It was Mike Emenaleo, then Sunday Oliseh and now Kingsley Obiekwu. The rate Nigerian footballers are exploding with their talents is something of joy to the country. Though with personal effort, the Nigerians in diaspora are marketing the country’s image in a positive light.
Bravo the Nigerian Legion of retired players who have decided to fly the Nigerian flag in faraway countries, in positive light in their chosen career with their talents.

Allanso Jonatha Allanso

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