Ignite Development In Rural Communities

The bulk of population in any nation resides in the rural areas. Moreso most of the natural resources are deposited in the rural communities.

Therefore, the importance of rural communities in the development of a nation cannot be over emphasized.

But it is disheartening that rural dwellers despite their economic value do not enjoy government development facilities and amenities such as electricity, water supply, good roads, health centres amongst others.

Due to the non-availability of these facilities rural-urban migration is on the increase. Rural dwellers now move to bigger cities in search of white collar jobs.

Agriculture which is the mainstay of the rural economy is currently relegated to the background. Thus it negatively affects food production and supply.

The rural-urban drift has so much negative implication on the developmental processes of any society such as high cost of living in the urban centres, increase rate in crime, homelessness and other social problems.

In Nigeria the development of the rural areas is squarely rested on the shoulder of the local government system. But instead of developing the rural communities, local government administrators will misappropriate the funds meant for the development of the local areas.

In order to curb rural-urban drift relevant government agencies and authorities should initiate policies that will bring unprecedented development into the rural areas. Rural dwellers are not second class citizens; hence deserve better things of life.   ###

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