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Rivers Badminton Needs Privacy – Dahiru

The chairman of Badminton Veteran Professionals Civic centre of Rivers State, Badmninton Association, Engr. Musa Dahiru Doma has appealed to the Rivers State Sports Council to give privacy to the sport.

The tender soft spoken chairman of the Civic Centre Veterans and professional of the sports recounted the ordeal the sports is suffering from the public anytime there is a social event held at the multipurpose hall of Alfred Diette Spiff, pointing out that apart from being denied of the use of their hall, the hall is usually is left messy and dirty with out the users of their hall cleaning it or keeping the hall the state it was before it was put to use by the users.

The unhappy chairman decried the incessant denials his badminton players have suffered since that is the hall the sport has for training and meeting.

Engr. Dahiru, therefore appealed to the Rivers State Sport Ministry in conjunction with the sports council to provide a much more suitable hall for the sports, so that badminton players would have the privacy they deserve to training and host their meetings without being disturbed or interrupted.

According to him, as it is, if the badminton is to have a tournament, and there are series of social events to be hosted or held at the Alfred Diette Spiff multi purpose hall, it only means that badminton play cannot go on in order to avoid clash of interest, apart from that badminton hall is always being put in use alongside the multi purpose hall.

Maintaining that this definitely deny badminton activities for holding during such days.

He revealed that badminton is a serious sports that should be encouraged as it has always racked in gold medals and had also produced seasoned national badminton stars like Tamuno Gibson and others.

However, he said, he believed in the good gesture of the governor of the state, that in due time, he would pay attention to the badminton Association appeal and come to their aid. ###

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