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The Need To Support Other Sports To Grow

Football is no doubt the king of all sports, but there are other sports making up the sports family. That is the more reason other sports too should be encouraged to be popular as football is popular and widely accepted all other the world.
What is needed from sports administrators is to give the same encouragement given to football to other sports, so as to make them popular just like football, the round leather game.
As there are talents in football, so are abundant talents in all the sports, Yahweh in His wisdom had given every race and individual talents of different kind for the joy and togetherness of the nations, according to the natural location of the race.
The nations that are surrounded by waters produce seasoned swimmers, the nations that are blessed with vast land, produce long race runners.
It is therefore necessary for sports administrators to promote all sports with the view of making such sports popular like football, the earlier this is done, it is better for Nigeria as a country.
For instance, the northern part of Nigeria used to be boxers heaven, but today the story is different because, there is no follow up on the past victory achieved by previous sports administrators.
To achieve all these, the government and past sports stars of that sport have their blame as they did not do much to promote and encourage it growth.
Nigeria as a country should be a world challenger in almost all the sports, if all is well with the country in sports promotion, apart from football. Even football, Nigeria has not enhance it potentials to it full, if not Nigeria would have by now lifted the FIFA senior world cup.
The countries that pay much attention to their advantageous sports as natures gift are doing well as they continue to dominate other countries who have similar advantage in such sports.
Nigeria should look inward and promote other sports to it world advantage.
Nigeria will be greater in sports advancement if only other sports are taken serious like football, and is given the same promotion and encouragement to grow. ###

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