Going To America Again! (2)

american imgaesRiding on the waves of the HU, I was carried into the heavens of God through the waves generated by the Holy Spirit, the Light and Sound of God. The HU is the Holy and Sacred Name of God. Singing it can connect man with the Voice of God commonly referred to as the Holy Spirit. But the Holy Spirit can only manifest as the Light and Sound in expression. This is also known as the Audible Life Stream. In other words, this Holy Spirit of God can be heard within man. But because man is not trained yet by the Living Godman, he cannot hear the Voice of God. And so in complete ignorance, he continues to bombard God with ‘powerful prayers’ as if God is deaf. But since God cannot be deaf, it simply implies that man has gotten the whole connection with God all-wrong.

As I rested my body in the ‘inner worlds’ ie the heavens of God, I was woken up occasionally by my Spiritual Guide who has always been with me since the beginning of time. Let me digress here for a while. Spiritual Guides are available for man provided man is ready to recognize them. Every Soul- in- Form has the Spiritual Guide of God available to him but his religion has not taught him how to recognize these Guides. Their job is very simple: to help man spiritually so that they can find their way back home to God. These Spiritual Guides, also known as Spiritual Travellers have only one mission: to teach man how he can find his way back home to God. This is the Spiritual Assignment God has given to this band of Holiest Men. The do not belong to any religion but they teach the Light and Sound of God. This implies that they teach man how to communicate with the Holy Spirit so that man can be guided on his way back home to God. They are different from angels and other elementals who carry messages from the Spiritual Hierarchy and man. Angels would one day seek the assistance of the Spiritual Travellers to find their ways back home to God. For now the operate within the lower heavens and are subject to transmigration until they also find their way home to the pure heavens of God which begins at the fifth heaven to more than the fourteenth. Yes the heavens of God are numerous but man in his vain ignorance will only be talking about heaven and hell simply because his religion has taught him so. They lack personal experience to even know how the heavens of God look like. If man does not know the heavens of God while alive how can he find it when dead? The ignorance of man continues until he finds out for himself.

The journey from Port Harcourt to Paris via Abuja was smooth. But at Paris we were greeted by the cold of winter. For those who know the way, they quickly donned their Jackets. The JJCs had to learn the lessons of life. This is what happens when man dies and arrives at the Court of Yama, the Judge of the Dead. The JJC finds out that his religion has failed him. For in this court, you find out that religion has no locus standi. The Judge simply opens up the book of life that correlates with the conscience of man. For within man is an equipment that records all thoughts, words and actions of man while he comes for his spiritual education on earth and indeed in the physical worlds. But man is not aware of this equipment that is more efficient than the computer. This equipment is known as conscience. That is what warns man when he is about to go wrong. But man hardly listens.

So when he arrives at the court of the dead in the first heaven, this equipment is decoded and man can then see all what he has done. Man is allowed to cool off somewhere in the first heaven until the conditions are made ripe for him to reincarnate back to earth. This was the case of a dear friend that I gave the HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God while he was alive. He laughed at me when I did so. He was quite advanced in age but he felt wisdom was synonymous with age. Little did he know that wisdom was synonymous with the number of times man has reincarnated back into the lower worlds including earth. For those Souls who have come to earth severally, their behaviors is much more refined.

It was time for him (my friend) to be judged at this court of the dead but I was privileged to be in attendance as my Spiritual Guide, the Living Godman had invited me to come and witness my friend’s judgment. We arrived at the court and the spiritual workers recognized my Spiritual Guide and allowed us in with great salutations. We sat at the back of the hall as numerous Souls were being brought in. The time frame for judgment was very brief. In this court, everything man has done is shown to man. There is no need for argument as man himself can see those things he did right and the ones he felt no one was watching including the ones he thinks has been ‘forgiven’.

This fellow is one of the very ‘pious’ fellows who felt the heavens of God can be accessed by virtue of religion. In the heavens of God, the Spiritual leaders of religions do not quarrel but all know the truth despite their messages being mis-interpreted by man. This fellow was then surprised when he was ‘sentenced’ to reincarnate somewhere in Nigeria here after ‘cooling off’ somewhere in the first heaven where he could see that there were no hand clapping and enjoyment as he had been taught by his religion. Out of compassion, I attempted to share the HU, but I was held back by the Spiritual Workers who told me that since he refused the HU on earth why do I want to give him there. Their argument was that he would still refuse.

I watched as my friend and other newly arrived were ushered into a train and off they went to their different rendezvous with life. This time, he has learnt first hand that life does not end with the death of physical body. Man is Soul but wearing a uniform called the HU-man body. It could be the body of man or the body of woman but Soul is the real aspect of man created in the image of God.

To be continued



By Tuborki Dauyemie


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