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But those scriptures accounted that there was a fruit of knowledge of good and bad planted in the centre of the Garden of Eden with a commandment that Adam and Eve should not pluck and eat else they will have knowledge and eventually die . The book accounted that when Satan deceived the couples to eat the fruit, truly they knew that they were naked meaning they received their knowledge.

By those accounts, it is basic that man in his real nature was ignorant but when rebelled, he become a knowledgeable being. But the truth is that disobedient to Yahweh’s laws can not lead man to knowledge because knowledge is one of the essential virtues that man needs for his full operation on planet earth. Can a man without knowledge within him recognize the laws of forbidden fruit? Can he rule, multiply and replenish the earth as assigned to him by Yahweh? Knowledge is golden, and that is why man hunts for it, prays for it or sometimes die while seeking for it. How can we sheepishly believe that it was introduced to man by Satan, an enemy of our creator Yahweh?

As a believer of Satan’s existence, can you cast a devouring lion into a sheepfold? Can you cast armed robbers who attacked you to your children? If the armed robbers maim, torture or afflict those children, are you not to be blamed? Truly, if Yahweh cast his enemy to mankind, he will be held responsible for all persecutions, trials and afflictions of devil on earth. Can Yahweh retain enermity for such duration of years while he expect us to forgive our own offenders by seventy times seven times in a single day? If he is enemy to Satan and his host, how can he be justified to judge mankind for condoning enermity?

I am directing your mind to discountenance the myth called Satan. If Satan is real as preached by the church, why couldn’t Satan and his host of fallen angels devour Adam and Eve, especially, when they have eaten the forbidden fruit and were cast away from the Garden of Eden? Where are Satan and his hosts, when the world-men increased to its present population of about seven billion? Where is Satan when the creatures increased to their present developments? Can lion casted in a sheepfold allow the sheep to increase? No, the sheep cannot increase rather, they must reduce and eventually finish by the devouring lion. If Satan and demons can afflict, torture and kill, then the possibility of Adam and Eve surviving from the brutal and devouring powers of Satan cannot be there. The Satan could have finished all creatures since they are out to challenge and destroy the hand work of Yahweh.

My brethren, Satan is not real, the Satan didn’t devour Adam and Eve, rather they introduced them to knowledge of good and bad. But a basic survey proves that man with knowledge is credit to Yahweh. What can it profit Satan to give man knowledge? Can a man love to see his enemy’s son prosper in knowledge? As an enemy, he will love his enemy’s children be covered by ignorance. So if Yahweh by the way of the account hide knowledge to man, while Satan exposed it to man, then who is enemy to man?

Do you know that if Yahweh so love the world that he sent his begotten son, Yahoshea Meshiyach to the world that whosoever believe in him will not perish but have everlasting life, it is equally truthful to say that Yahweh hate the world by casting down Satan and his hosts of falling angels that whosoever believe in him will perish and be committed to hellfire if we are believing the accounts? Have you seen our point or argument, that the Bible and all other scriptures that upheld the existence of Satan were double-faced? They did not uphold the real intergrity and personality of Yahweh.

Yahweh has no spirit enemy, it is sons of men that rebels against his holy rule or order. Yet Yahweh sees all as his children. He loves the sinner but he hates the sins they commit. All accounts of Satanism are funny, for instance, Satan went to Yahweh and his council and took his seat amongst the angels. if Yahweh and Satan can seat together and deliberate over Job where Yahweh granted him permission to tempt Job but with an instruction not to kill him.

So if Yahweh and Satan are sometimes friendly, why do pastors and Bishops take serious the other chapters in the Bible that maintains that the two persons and forces can never reconcile rather at the end of the tussle, Yahweh must defeat Satan it appears that the pastors are fanning the disagreement because they enjoy tremendously by the rift. Family quarrels favours elders of the land as said by an adage. According to account, instead of move of reconciliation, Yahweh is preparing for a vengeance, a tormenting hellfire with brimstone for Satan, his host and all people he deceived into disobedience of Yahweh’s commandments. Brother, these are positions of pastors and bishops but not of Yahweh.

Yahweh is love, he loves sinners although he hates their sins. Even at the height of human disobedience, he sent his son Yahoshea to set us free from our sins. The prophets and Meshiyachs sent by Yahweh did not come mainly for the righteous but for the sinners to repent and merge back to Yahweh. A person of such impulse cannot harbour the thought of torture for sinners as accounted by the scriptures.

Again, those behind evil spiritual operations are the earthbound spirits. These are spirits or ghost of fallen men. When men rebels against the laws of Yahweh, they will be committed to various dimensions of earthbound spirit world where they wait for sometime before they will reincarnate to the earth. The spirits at that state are used for evil spiritual practices by the witch doctors and native doctors as you enquired. Thanks.


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Dear prophet, in your article I read, you insist that spiritual laws are irresistible. My questions are, didn’t the coming of the saviour helped to render law impotents? Are we judged by the law or by the grace? Why do your preachings appears different from others? Thanks and I wish you well. I am Dappa Lazarus from Opobo in River state.

Answer: – Thank you Mr. Dappa, the laws of Yahweh are irresistible and inevitable. They cannot change, but remains same till indefinite ages. The occupations of spiritual legends and sages is to unravel such laws and educate the men of their ages of the imports of such laws. Yahoshea Meshiyach being the head of all the spiritual men that have manifested on planet earth did not come to annual or abrogate any dot of the law but he came and fulfill them. Fulfillment means total observation of the laws.


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