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Coming To America Again! : Meeting The Living Godman

…..Continued from last week.


This is what happens to Souls when they drop the HU-man body in what is known to man as death. Soul with the HU-man body dead rises up in the Soul body and moves to the ‘Court of Yama where he or she is judged by the Judge of the Dead and sent to where he has earned spiritually and not religiously. This is why there is need to inform people about the difference between being religious and being spiritual. One can be religious without being spiritual. The religious man is the one who tries to understand God through ‘Holy Books’ written by men thousand of years ago. Some ‘Holy Books’ such as the Bagava-Gita are several thousands of years old. It contains the experiences of Buddha with the Holy Spirit at the level of cosmic consciousness. But it does not show the individual how to have the same experiences with the Holy Spirit. So also are other Holy Books in the different religions. They can never show man how to have the experiences of God but they contain the experiences of other individuals with the Holy Spirit. So the man who reads these Holy Books from beginning to the end keeps quoting and quoting from them. He does not know God nor has he experienced God or the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God. If he has, he would not quote the experiences of others from any book no matter how holy. He should quote his own personal experiences with God. So the religious man is not a ‘man of God’ but a man of words!

Who then is the spiritual man?

The spiritual man is that individual who has had an encounter with the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God. He is not only a believer of God but he has experienced God and known God as not being separated from himself. He is the child of God simply because he now knows himself as Soul, an atom of God sent to earth here to wear a physical body for spiritual experience!. In order words, Soul is clothed in the HU-man body but every night he drops the HU-man body in his sleep and journeys into the heavens of God. These journeys are what the religious man refers to as dreams simply because his religion has not taught him how to understand his numerous dreams. But the spiritual man is aware of his dreams and interprets the coded language so as to understand the spiritual messages God is trying to send to him. Therefore, for the spiritual man, every night is an opportunity for his to explore the heavens of God while the physical man sleeps and slumbers, wakes up in the morning and does not understand how his day would look like. He does not know how to listen to God nor does he know what may happen to him in the next minute. He is therefore like a pawn on the spiritual chessboard of life.

Have you ever wondered why so many in religions go to find prophets to help them know the future? It is simply because they do not have the ability to contact God directly. So they look for prophets and diviners who collects their money and tells them stories they want to hear about God.

But the Living Godman is different because His job is not to give Soul fish everyday but to teach man how to fish himself. In order words, the Living Godman is a Spiritual Coach. His job is to teach man how man can understand himself as Soul and make use of the Spiritual Powers inherent in man. He therefore teaches man how to visit the heavens of God daily to have the wisdom of God for himself and to better his life physically and spiritually. For when man knows himself as Soul and has met the living Godman, he does not need to pray to God anymore for he has become one with the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God.

Why should man pray if he can listen to the Voice of God as he walks on the streets of Port Harcourt or Paris? Those who pray and shout on God are those who do not know God for God lives within the hearts of men! The individual can sing HU to open the heart so that they can find God in their hearts.

Every time I write an article, I keep urging the individual to sing HU. The HU is the Holy and Sacred name of God. It has the special ability of connecting man with God in an instant. For those who have been praying to God for endless hours without solution to their problems, they can sing HU, the secret name of God. The HU can be sung at anytime but the best time for the beginner is to sing it with love before sleep so that God can reply the individual through his dreams.

How can one sing the HU to experience God?

The individual can take the following steps to experience God directly:

Step 1: Find yourself a quiet place in your bedroom where you will not be disturbed for about 10 to 20 minutes. Sit comfortably in a chair, tailor fashion and think about those you love. Love is the fuel you need to enter the heart of God. So think about the love for you husband or wife or friends as the case may apply, but sit relaxed.

Step 2: Breathe in and out for about three times with eyes closed and your attention placed on your forehead in-between the two eyebrows. This position is known as the spiritual eye. It is the seat of Soul in the HU-man body. As you breathe in and out thinking about loved ones, sing HU in the form ‘Yoooouuuuu!’ in a long drawn out tone. Breathe in again and repeat this for about 10 to 20 minutes. You can ask a question that you believe no one has the answer to and wait for a period of 2 to 5 minutes to obtain a feedback from God. This is the Holiest name for God. Be relaxed, for you shall get answers from God.

Step3: After singing HU, allow for a quiet period of 2 minutes for contemplation. This is an opportunity for you to obtain feedback from God. The feedback does not always come in the form of Human language but since God is formless, IT can take the form of Light and Sound as IT has appeared to others in the recorded scriptures. You can chose to read their own experiences and be a spiritual slave forever or you can chose to have your own experiences with God. The choice is yours!

The individual can then go to sleep and watch his dreams for God will definitely answer in the individuals dreams which he can record in his dream journal on a daily basis, This is the early stage of communicating with God. For advance spiritual students, they can hear God speak to them even as the buy things in the market or as they are speaking to somebody in a meeting. You can also achieve this level of proficiency if you but try. But remember, once you make contact with God, keep your conversations with God to yourself instead of going on pages of newspapers as some individuals do. If the individual breaks the law of silence, the communicating channel can be blocked.

When the individual has shown some level of commitment and dedication to singing HU, God will then send the Living Godman to the individual in the dream state to teach man about the ways of God, the ways of the Holy Spirit and thus the Spiritual education and journey of man can then begin!



By Tuborki Dauyemie

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