Reasons Eaglets Lift Junior World Cup Trophy

FLOWING FOBALL 45It is no longer news that Nigerian Golden Eaglets are the new junior world cup champions. But their becoming the champions of the FIFA U-17 world champions have certain factors responsible.
Hard work: The Eaglets put their pride and names into all the games they played not minding whoever they are meeting, and that brought the best out of them in each game.
Determination to work: they are determinate not to bowed to any opponent because their parents are watching them. And it worked out for them, hence they all played for each other.
Discipline: they were all disciplined and played like players from same parents, which resulted into their advancing in each game.
For Nigerians sake, knowing that Nigerians all over the world are watching them, staying awake, when they are supposed to be sleeping comfortably in their rooms at night for the sake of Nigeria their fatherland, they are representing, they played with their pride, might in order to put the name of Nigeria in the world map.
Again, as world defending champions, they defended their place to save their names and pride, hence their doggedness in each match. The team has a sound, tactical, technical bench.
The bench also was a very important factor in contributing to the success of the Eaglets lifting the trophy.
Coach Amunike throughout the championship, never abide or adopted only one tactics or technicality, he applied different tactics and technicality in every match, hence dislodging the opponent who did not understand the Eaglet tactics and technicality.
Everything that was needed technically was put into play, like positioning, football follow up, reading and timing, while the bench was also having good players for substitution.
The need to make name for themselves, the players all need to make name for themselves, apart from playing for the country, they have to sell themselves as their career is at stake. And this has paid off well for some of the outstanding players like Kelechi Nwakali. ###

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