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Silver’s Sponsor NDDC Soccer Finals Comes Up 4th December

The Ambassador Prince Silver sponsored NDDC soccer championship finals will be played come December 4th, 2015.

The championship was introduced by the sponsor to bring friends and associates in the soccer family together in love and unity.

The main idea of floating the championship is to create the enabling environment to promote friendship and foster peace and unity amongst soccer lovers.

Ambassador Prince Silver is one gentleman that loves promoting friendship in his locality right from when he was a tender youth, it is then not surprising to see him exhibiting his true nature at his early stage in life as a young boy in his adult life.

He has brought happiness and joy to lots of footballers that are per taking in the championship. He has created joy where there is no joy when kidnapping and criminal activities are high in the garden city. Seeing that the economy is nothing to write home about, he has decided to make youths and lovers of football to be busy in order to forget the prevailing bad economy across the country.

He has equally created the enabling environment in throwing football talents in the market for premiership teams in the Glo sponsored Nigeria Professional Football League.

He has succeeded in refocusing and directing the youths minds to meaningful ventures of playing football to make ends meet.

Speaking to The Newswriter sports, he said, the finals will be a cracker to watch, according to him, those two teams that will play the finals have the might to play the finals as they will be capable to confront any team in the Nigeria Professional Football League, because of the standard of the championship. He said.   ###

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