Who Is A Political Prostitute?

PDP-APC-ElectionsThe generally accepted and known definition of, a prostitute is one who has sex for money.
Metaphorically, a prostitute is someone who deliberately debases his or her talent for money. A prostitute is opened for any kind of corruption or is devoted to unworthy purpose.
Barely two (2) weeks ago, Barr. Chris Itamunoala, the Special Adviser to the Rivers State Government on the inter Party affairs openly condemned the way and the manner in which one Mr. Opunabo Inko Tariah, an ex-media aide to Governor Nyesom Wike resigned his appointment and moved into the All Progressives Congress, APC.
Barr. Itamunoala described Mr. Inko-Tariah as a political prostitute that did not have a political bearing or future. Before the present political dispensation especially in the last three (3) years of our political history and development, Rivers experienced a lot of political defectors, decampees and runaway politicians.
The former governor Chibuike Amaechi and other notable politicians from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP defected to APC to run down their former political party (PDP) which provided all the mansions, money and women they possess in life. These attribute has made so many perceive politics as a dirty game.
In Rivers State under the current political dispensation politicians who benefited a lot from the PDP had crossed over to APC because of their selfish gain. We have come to an era where politicians no longer join political parties on ideologies, but selfishness and mouth watering contracts. If not how can gubernatorial candidates on PDP will defect to APC. This is what Barr. Itamunoala called political prostitution. It is a very shameful act, that debases human integrity and respect.
Unequivocally, the political decampees are our problems, due to their myopic reasoning. ###
Damiete West

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