Save The Soul Of The Common Man

The continuous existence of government in the administration of a state or a nation cannot be over emphasized. The sole responsibility of a government is to initiate programmes that will uplift the living standard of the people.
Any government that does not tackle the needs of its citizenry is not fit to exist. Thus a government that promotes policies that will bring untold hardship on the masses is ungodly and satanic.
Since the emergence of Buahri’s administration in May 29, 2015, the economy of the country is going down day by day.
The prices of essential commodities had gone beyond the rich of the common man. It is difficult to afford the three (3) square meals as salaries of workers have not being paid. Every sector of the economy has problems.
Barely two (2) days ago, the price of the Kerosene has been pushed upward from N50 to N83. The way and the manner the government going about the affairs of the nation, it appears that it aim is to punish the common man.
It is our plead that the federal government should do something about the hardship economy condition of the country to save the common man from dying. ###

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