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ISSUES ABATTOIR: 365 Day Running: President Buhari And Further Deceit @ 31st Travels

Muhammadu-Buhari-NKWithout much ado, a tasteless food cannot be hidden from a blind man but such without oil if need be. Many Nigerians have suddenly awakened from their slumber and are realizing their status in the society. The fact that Nigeria as a nation is speedily retrogressing and the citizenry are facing doom as well as civil war is no longer news to the observers of the scenes playing out in the country.

Atleast, President Buhari’s recent visit to the United States of America for the Nuclear Summit alongside other world leaders is about the thirty first (31st) times travel of president Buahri since assumption of office on May 29th, 2015. Very sad.

Very worrisome that in 365 days of a year, the president Buhari mathematically barely spends 11.8 or 12 days in Nigeria without traveling only to waste Nigeria funds and to represent the country in bad light.

Since inception of the current Administration, it is mathematically calculated that the president had travel for 31 times without any achievement rather misrepresenting the country and persistent deceits.

The recent visit to the USA was not left out where the president further deceived Nigerians in that country when he said; he would give Nigeria development a rapt attention.

First, the president had other than meeting with Nigerians in USA as other places visited, he only met with five who were said to be outstanding business mogul in that country. The question is there no outstanding men in other countries of the world visited by President Buhari?

Again, President Buahri could not bury his administrative inabilities but went on to restate his many promises without fulfilling one of them. It is unfortunate that since assumption of office on May 29, 2015, the current administration could not prove or even point to an achievement as mark of its many electioneering campaign promises.

Numerous Nigerians who were part of what is known as Nothern rigging against the popular party on April 11th, 2015 were those who faulted comments credited to analysts and commentators on the slow pace of the Buhari led administration, said it was early.

To these categories of individuals, Issues Abattoir wishes to know if one year is still not enough to adjudge the Buahri government a failure?

To further explain the President lies, he told the visiting aviation personnel how the PDP government in Nigeria did not save for the raining days even when the oil prices were high.

Well to say the least, the immediate past government led by Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR left a huge sum of about thirty-eight billion US Dollars ($38b) in the nation’s coffers for the incumbent Buhari government). This was even testified by a top supporter of President Buhari, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

It is disappointing that a budget of a country like Nigeria was not only missed, stolen but also delaying it assent by the Buhari led government. Aside from the fact that there maybe no funds to execute the provisions of the budget because of bad governance, one would be tempted to ask how long it would take Buhari to either re-examine the said documents before assenting.

Issues Abattoir is of the belief that President Buhari cannot deny knowledge of the dirty practices that rocked the National Assembly over the budget presentation, withdrawal and its figure falsifications.

The president in one of his visit to a country, promised to deal with those he identified for meddling with original budget documents, but since then to date that the budget was passed by NASS and awaiting his assent, Mr. President has not mention even by mistake any action against those he claimed to have tampered with the budget. Could such individual be taken seriously for anything if not deceit?

Mr. Prwesident again claimed to be working by telling the citizenry whatever he feels, while in the actual sense deceit is the order of the day.

Sad indeed it is that, there were violence in Rivers State over election matters, Mr. President in one of his overseas trips equally vowed to deal with the perpetrators of the violence.

Good one, but does he really heard of the true version of the entire stories that happened in Rivers State? The answer is simply yes.

President Buhari heard all that ensured in Rivers, but the shocking details was when he heard and saw just the intro of the entire episode, Mr. President could no longer rant over dealing with those involved because his foot soldiers deployed to the state had done the unexpected evil.

President Buhari statements that the killings in Rivers State was unprecedented in Nigeria was condemned in many quarters of the country because such statement had already presented him in the bad light and as a man who hates the truth.

When Mr. President failed to condemned the killings in Benue state by Fulani herdsmen or even deployed soldiers to such areas, that visibly demonstrate war rather than Rivers, then reasonable citizens had loss hope in the current administration.

Mr. Buhari is yet to react to the abuse of human rights in Rivers State orchestrated by his soldiers and led by his minister of transportation, Amaechi.

Indeed his silence over the issue till date indicates that because the evil acts were ignited, perpetrated and supervised by his men are his weak points.

Nigerians in Diaspora have also not bothered to question Mr. President on why he had not made any move on the Rivers situation since his ambiguous statement was over there, to deal decisively with perpetrators of the evil in Rivers.

A leader who decides to be lopsided would always be misleading, misdirecting and be deceitful, but he who would listen to both disagreeing parties would definitely finds positive solutions to any problem.

In this regard, Issues Abattoir appeals once again to Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buahri to always toe the path of peace, truthfulness and development, by this he should see every citizens as his constituents, hence improving and leading in the right direction.

Issues Abattoir also calls on President Buahri to always jettison Amaechi’s falsehood, negative claims and dictative tendencies if he (Buhari) would not want to land into trouble, and also to enjoy the good hospitality and relationship from Rivers State.

“Rivers is a peaceful state, don’t let the terrorists mislead you . …….”. ###


With James Mgboineme


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