NIF Give Kidos To BIRC Boss

An appreciation has gone to the Chairman Bonny International Recruitment Centre (BIRC) Amaopusenibo (Hon.) Wilson E. S. Jumbo in his cordial working relationship with the non-indigenes in Bonny LGA.
Hon. Kenneth Azubuike, non-indigenes representative in BIRC, made the assertion in his office at Bonny, while chatting with newsmen.
He noted that since the inception of the defunct Bonny Kingdom Employment Bureau (BKEB) and now Bonny International Recruitment Centre (BIRC), that non-indigenes resident in Bonny have not benefitted its quota.
He however lauded the present leadership of his administration in Bonny LGA.
Hon Kenneth stated that his position in BIRC is to protect the interest of all non-indigene in Bonny Island irrespective of tribe and community. He assured that employment shall meet all registered communities with non-indigenes forum in Bonny Island saying that despite the illegal employment at site which has been the problems to BIRC that no-indigenes quota could have go higher.
Mr. Kenneth frowned against some companies who employed out side Bonny in the name of non-indigenes. Adding that the quota is for only non-indigenes resident in Bonny LGA, who participate in sensitive activities in the area.
The non-indigenes boss in BIRC charged companies operating in Bonny LGA to ensure effective disbursement of employment quota meant for BIRC and to avoid illegal employment.
Saying that non-indigenes forum is the umbrella body of all ethnic groups in Bonny Kingdom.
According to him “every body shall benefit employment both indigenes and non-indigenes, despite illegal employments at site by companies in collaboration of CLOs and personnel officers representing the Kingdom in their respective companies operating in the area.
Mr. Kenneth used the medium to commend the Rivers State Governor, Chief (Barr.) Nyesom E. Wike, the Amayanabo in-council, King Edward Asimini William Dappa Pepple for providing the enabling environment for non-indigenes in Bonny Island.

By David Hart

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