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ISSUES ABATTOIR: Faulty 365 Days, State Of Nigeria Total Nudity II

Muhammadu-Buhari-NKBarely three weeks after the marking and cerebration of the 365 days in office of the current administration at the centre led by President Mohammedu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress, APC, indications are emerging that the difference is obvious that the current administration has fallen short of her campaign promises and claims.

In the guise of hiding one’s face in shame of disappointing the nation, supporters of the ruling APC are of the opinion that a year is yet too short to judge a Government. However, the populace condemned the activities, actions and non performance of the president Buhari led government, describing it as, “travelling administration without good gestures”.

According to the people, nothing is working with the present administration in place as cost of living is too high following the arbitrary increases of every food items, products and materials in the market.

One year down the ace and Nigerians are not weeping but gnashing their teeth and crying as well as cursing the day they voted on April 11th, 2015 against former President Goodluck.

Nigeria is indeed naked, and faulty as it simply positioned the citizenly in a fix judging from the inability of the presidency to lead Nigeria and Nigerians on the path of laughter rather subjecting all to many questions. Lies, deceit and denials have continually been the bedrock on which the ruling APC relies in the face of decaying economy, depressed life style of citizenry and off course confused and disconnected conditions of the majority of even the wealthy in the society.

At the moment, the drivers of the Nigeria polity and economy claims Nigeria is likely going through what could be likened to a crop whose owner awaits it germination. But to a very large extent, what is befalling Nigeria could simple be considered as what would kill it. The country is undergoing phases and processes which are likely to drawn it irrespective of claims by its drivers.

What is nudity? According to the English dictionary, it is “The state or quality of being without clothing on the body, specifically, the quality of being without clothing on the genitals or female nipples”. It also means “something or someone without clothes”.

Nigeria, without mincing words is nude hence open to various attacks in the pretence and guise of attempting development, assistance and or partnership by several development countries who are probably playing and empting in international polities on Nigeria. International politics where some considered high powered economies wants to trade or jeopardize other economic like Nigeria is a clear future and features of what Nigeria stands to lose in the current circumstance.

A popular adage says that one’s dirty linens are not washed outside, but in the present administration’ Nigeria President Mohammadu Buhari seem to have gone against such proverbs when his only message to the international community’s for a period of one year had been calling Nigeria and Nigerians “Corrupt”.

Little wonder the country Nigeria is not positively reaping any gains of the many visits or tours abroad.

Is it not ridiculous for one to label his country corrupt yet begging for financial supports especially when most of the corrupt personalities are however boldly positioned in the country’s executive cabinet,? How would such finances be handled if granted, indeed there is a high level if international polities against Nigeria without the understanding of those involved. It is not clear if the countries so approached by the president would the readily release any amount if at all they are deposition by Nigerians because such monies if they exists, aid in boasting such countries economies, since no country would be desirous of letting down its economy. No country’s bank would consciously frozen accounts of her prosperous customers. Remember its international Politics.

Issues Abtattoir however’ sees the unending begging attitude of Mr. President and daily name calling of Nigeria and Nigerians as hindrances halting any positive or what he intends to have achieved.

In the African continent no individual except insane persons are allowed to go public naked without assistance from anywhere. If Nigeria is naked, it then signified that greater things are wrong in the country.

A soothsayer is not needed to forecast the anomalies in the country, The Mohammadu Buhari, APC led federal government is brandishing “Change” as its slogan without practicalising same. An irony of the entire thing is that other than accepting their lapses and incompetence the APC led government is busy claiming there is time for the change to materialize.

There are several differences in the country led by those who claim to be incorruptible or professed integrity and those they tagged “corrupt” administration.

For instance, during the so called corruption era a bag of rice sold for N6,800 and N7,000 but N20,000 now during the integrity government; a litre of petrol was N87 and now N145, a loaf of bread was N200 and N350 varying on the make and now N450 a loaf. A basket of tomatoe was N4500 and now N42,000 while a dollar about N220 but today N369, supply of power was about 8 hours but now zero hour, a bag of garri was between N6,000 to N8,000 but today N 20,000. Just to say a few.

In the era of the branded integrity leadership led by president Mohammadu Buhari, travels for a period of a year is a project, lopsided EFCC intimidation in the guise of fighting corruption is the second project in Buhari’s administration. Outside these two projects of traveling and purported fighting of corruption, there is no planned policy and programmes initiated by the present administration.

The administration of the said integrity people is demonstrated by wide spread militarization of the citizenry, the government and its president do not care for anyone, the pains of the suffering masses do not send any message to the president, what a heartless government, a repetition of the 1984 administration.

Indeed the majority of Nigerians are seriously complaining including members of the said APC.

A government without policy thrust, no direction, no blue print speaking from both sides of the mouth, is indeed an unfortunate one to say the least.

There are those saying and believing that things would get right, but a government that has four years, one year is gone and in the remaining three years, the final year may be dedicated to another era of campaigns where they would intend to deceive Nigerians. What can they do with two years when in one year there is nothing to show for governance so far? No corruption case is absolutely won by the Buhari antics rather to hunt suspected rivals aim at silencing them for a purported second tenure.

In the circumstance, if one should question, what is the health position of the present administration. It is saddened that Mr. President would above all things travels for over ten (10) days for on ear treatment. To buttress the earlier suggestions above, that leaders of the current government speaks with both sides of their mouths, it is quite shameful that the exact health condition of Mr. president could not be communicated to the citizenry rather concocted a seemingly pitiable position to deceive Nigerians.

One thing was clear; that it was later rumored that the president may exceeds 10 days. At this point Issues Abattoir demands that the true health position of Mr. President- the leader of the country be made known to enable citizenry on the right channels of prayers. Remember, doctors do not work without diagnosing the health condition or status of patients.

Regrettably, no section in the Nigeria polity is consciously working at least to the admiration of the people: The health sector is however not to be mentioned, Educaton sector is absolutely not working. The ban or restriction on the conduct of post UTME examinations by higher institutions alone could not score the federal government any mark more that than 0.5 percent.

The Agricultural sector which current government makes most noise about is at the mercy of the unassisted local formers. Before, May 29th 2015, the Dr. Jonathan’s administration placed ban on importation of Rice yet in Nigeria Rice were sold below Twelve thousand [N12,000.00] naira as compared with the current situations.

Furthermore, Nigerians including resident of the Aso Rock villa in Abuja were eating cassava bread, becked in Nigeria as well as exporting cassava and other crops.

Again, before the exchange of batton to Mr. President, the activities of Boko- Haram were drastically reduced as their hides out were almost all destroyed- security. There was no further violent agitations in the Niger Delta, not because of president Jonathan, PhD but ability, passion, doggedness, sincerity and commitment to pilot the country’s affairs.

Today, the reverse becomes the case in the country as every good gestures of past administration of President Jonathan, PhD is allowed to shatter premised on bad governance, hatred, witch hunt and lack of focus and direction by the present administration.

Nigeria’s foundation today is faulty within 365 days and if anyone would pretend never to know, then such fellow is truly a corrupt being. Whether the previous administrations could not performed creditably in their first one year, is never an issue here. President Buhari even as he boasted is not an alien to the Aso villa, his campaign speeches presupposes an already prepared Man. But unfortunately, he has failed, he has fallen, he has erred, not worthy of pity.

Available evidences has shown that noting good would come out of this administration and it is also visible that the president Buhari led government cannot sustain Nigeria hence cannot lead Nigeria into another term of four years.

What it means is that some Nigerians may suffer if President Buhari and the APC continues in office. But God forbid because the current torture is enough and cannot be allowed.

Now, that it is certain that Nigeria is naked, it is Issues Abattoir’s stance that the country without gain saying needs sound and responsible men to pilot its affairs.

People that can look at Nigeria as an entity and proffer positive solutions to her, thereby secuing her from the sinking ship of the current government.

Nigeria is naked, Nigeria is not weeping rather crying, Nigeria is bleeding, and Nigeria is running round campaigning her naked status to the world, who would bail Nigeria?

How many countries have come to Nigeria begging for money? Even the smallest African country caters and controls her economy but Nigeria which proud itself the giant of Africa is wallowing in the deceit of the current government.

Can anybody tell ignorant Nigerians how much it takes president Buhari to jet out of the country in a trip of his too many visits? Where are the monies said to have been returned to the country’s treasury? Who are the country’s looters? Where did President Buhari gathered his campaign funds? Where are the state’s own facilities of Rivers State and what is corruption when the sources of Rivers State empty treasury is not allowed to be probed by the presidency under president Buhari. Who is fooling who in this fight against corruption.

Little wonder, Senator Shehu Sanni questioned during ministerial screening, “what is corruption?” But the man to whom the question was thrown declined answer because it was certain he could not exonerate himself if corruption was defined.

Nigeria is naked, pleading for courageous, honest and good spirited men to come to her rescue. Nigeria must be clothed and made to have the resemblance of a rich nation. The time to change the change is now. Thank you all. ###


With James Mgboineme


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