Coming to America Again! (2)

huI relaxed on my seat as I saw the Blue Light of my Spiritual Guide within the plane. Of course only those with the spiritual eyes open can see this heavenly phenomenon. I knew everything would turn out fine. Within an hour we arrived at Abuja, picked up more passengers and sped towards Charles-de Gaul Airport in France.

In France, the security was tight in response to activities of militants. We were checked right from the point of disembarking into the waiting area. I was impressed with the security arrangements. After waiting for about three hours to get refreshed, we boarded another flight straight to the US on a flight that would take about eleven hours. I sat down and sang HU that enabled me to journey between earth and the heavens of God with the help of my Spiritual Guide, my Spiritual Coach. The destination of the flight was to Atlanta. When a plane is flying at about 33,000 feet above sea level there is little left for individuals to indulge in. I looked right and left within the plane and discovered that almost everyone was watching a movie or listening to music. I decided I would get immersed in a book and occasionally journey into the heavens of God.

It is possible for man to visit the heavens of God before dying. In actual fact man visits the heavens of God every night as he goes to sleep but his religion has taught him how to forget such laudable adventures he calls dreams. The pastors and priests do not help matters either. Since they are not aware of how to get to these heavens of God, they in turn teach their followers on how not to recognize these heavens of God lying latent within man and their nightly dtreams. Because of this level of ignorance with the blind leading the blind, man continues to wallow in spiritual ignorance and absurdities.

The road to the heavens of God lies within the forehead of man. The road is very narrow indeed and it is only those who have been taught by a Spiritual Traveler or the Spiritual Coach, the Living Word can locate this Spiritual Heaven’s Gate located in-between the two eye brows. This spot is usually called the Tisra Til or the Spiritual Eye. Special Spiritual Exercises are required by the spiritual student to locate and travel into the heavens of God through this narrow gate. These exercises can only be taught by the Living Godman whom God has appointed to lead all Souls back home to God. I placed my attention on this spot and sang HU the secret name for God, and within some minutes, I journeyed into the various heavens of God where one can see other Souls in-form going about their own businesses. Of course I came back into the body occasionally especially when food was being served and drifted back again after my meals. The heavens of God are not places to clap hands or burn for ever and ever. This concept of heaven is outdated and is meant for only spiritual kindergartens! It is the choice of any individual whether to wait till after death before going to heaven or learn how heaven looks like before going there after death.

After a period of about 9 hours, I could begin to see the outline of the great city known for its beautiful gardens and multicultural acceptance in terms of its residents with a mixture of African Americans, Nigerian Americans, Hispanics, Whites and other shades in between. Shortly we landed in Hartfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. This was my first time of flying through Atlanta and I was amazed at the different number of tunnels and terminals one would need to go through before baggage claim and immigrations. The airport was indeed a city of its own. Of course, I managed to pass through immigrations as quickly as possible because of my frequent flyer status. The check- in system at immigrations has been automated. The machine clearly reads all information about the individual and within about thirty minutes the individual is cleared.

I checked into a Delta Flight to Minneapolis and within two hours we were hovering above Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. Going through different levels at the airport eventually led us to the Taxi Ramp. A waiting taxi took me straight to the Hilton. Everything was working like a clock.

‘I have a reservation here!’ I announced to the Desk Clark

‘A minute sir’ was the reply

Within minutes I was handed electronic keys into a well- furnished room on the 9th floor. As soon as I entered the room, I needed to take possession of the room. People who stay in hotels usually have different stories to tell about different hotels. I had to possess the room by spiritualizing it with the HU, the Holy and Sacred name of God. I sang HU briefly and invited my Spiritual Guide into my state of consciousness.

Let me state here again that Spiritual Guides do not invade the spiritual space of individuals. They are Agents of God but they have to be invited before they can help any individual especially those who pray for God’s help in some way. They help people not because they belong to a certain religion but according to the sincere love they have for God in their lives. They can appear to individuals physically or usually in dreams where they give individuals instructions about God or Spiritual matters. They are for those who have decided to know who they are, know God and are ready to make the effort to go back home to God.

The highlight of the seminar was on Saturday where the Living Word was billed as the featured Speaker. The excitement in the hall was palpable as thousands who have travelled from all over the world have gathered into the 10,000 capacity hall at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I was one of the spiritually fortunate ones that have been invited. Everyone present there must have been invited by the Living Word through the Inner Channels before making the trip physically. I settled down into my seat and waited for this Special Agent of God who has the special ability to appear to millions all over the universes of God but yet so humble not to be known by mankind simply because He does not wish to announce His status. This is the Living Godman who is given authority over all the universes of God and the Rulers in Heaven and on Earth. It takes only a spiritual student to know that it is indeed a special privilege to be in His presence.

As soon as He climbed the stage, it was indeed an electrifying moment as waves of Divine Love spread across the whole room in a standing ovation. As He spoke on stage, I could also hear Him giving me Spiritual instructions through the Inner Channels. This was the secret code of communication between the Living Godman and His Spiritual Students that no one can intervene.

After the talk, I retreated slowly back to the Hilton like other devotees who had travelled thousands of miles to gather at the feet of the Spiritual Coach, the Living Godman. All the hassles of travelling from Nigeria were forgotten in the one hour spent at the feet of the Living Godman. It was worth much more than all the hassles. Still basking in the love of God from the Living Godman, I journeyed into the heavens of God easily that night since I was still riding on the waves of Divine Love.

Love is the required ingredient that any individual needs to qualify to meet with the Living Word and begin the journey back home to God Almighty. For God is Love and Soul is also created out of the Divine Love of God. Love is therefore key to beginning the journey back home to God. It is love that makes the individual resolve his or her karma. It is this same love that makes the individual qualify to meet the Living Word. It is this same Love that the individual would need to ride the Sound Waves, the Spiritual Current back home to God through the Spiritual Eye. This is why Love is so key in all the works of God and Spirituality.

To be continued


By Tuborki Dauyemie

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