Kemi Weds Opunabo

“Today is one of the happiest days of my life. This is so because God has taken me a step higher in the course of my destiny” – groom.

Mr. Opunabo could not contain his joy as he feels fulfilled and he is grateful to God to have made this day a reality.

Likewise, his wife Kemi, the new bride dazzling with beauty described the day as joyful, satisfying and exciting. She is grateful to God to have made her dream’s come true.

The groom adviced young men to first and foremost know God’s will for their lives. When they are sure, they should take a step of faith and God will perfect it.

He desires that the will of God would be made perfect in this their union. He is also sure that by God’s grace their union would impact the world positively.

Kemi also advices the spinsters to wait and be sure of the matrimonial journey.

According to her, only God can guaranteed a successful marriage. She prays that people would find love, get married and be happy together.

Her desire for her marriage is for it to be a platform for God’swill to be fulfilled.

Madam Pakrima, the groom’s mother said she is very happy because something great had taken place in her life. Her son is bringing home to her a daughter.

She added that, all her children but one is left to tie the knot seeing the joy and satisfaction on the faces of her children as they took the marital vows gives her much joy.

According to her, the most important gift and advice she has for them is the bible. She stated that, the bible has answers to all life’s situations and questions.

Mrs. Magareth Anga, the aunt to the bride, said she is happy to let her niece go but she is also sad that her elder sister, mother to Kemi is not alive to see this glorious day. She added that the cold hand of death had denied both parents of Kemi the opportunity to witness their little girl take a huge and definite step in life.

She adviced the couple to trust each other and be tolerant. They should not allow a third party in their marriage. She added that trust is needed for peace to be in the home.

She also prayed that whatever limited her niece’s parents would not limit her. She will grow old with her spouse and both of them together will see their grand children in Jesus Name. ###

Florence Ibikisi

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