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New-Age Spread Of Provocative Images On The Social Media



Provocative images mostly of female youths taken by themselves with a smartphone or webcam and posted on social media have been spreading immensely.

Young women use provocative waist moves (a new dance fashion) to sell their images to the viewer, and these first meet the eyes as one launches social media. The posers receive financial rewards that trickle in as their posts increase in viewership. And so, they are motivated to do more.

Added to, those images, there are endless other sexually explicit videos that also meet the eyes, suddenly, as one launches the internet.

Helping the sensation from the background is the new-age so-called Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). This has been preparing the young people for what it calls, in Wikipedia, a safe, productive, fulfilling life in a world where HIV and AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancies, and gender-based violence exist.

Accordingly, in some jurisdictions, the age of consent laws is now set to as low as 12, allowing minors to engage in sexual acts. Hence, the general inability to address the increasing immoral and anti-social behavior of our children and youths.

It all fits into the systematic removal of all controlling systems and the promotion of all forms of human-depraved desires of modernity.

The aforesaid reasons put forth by advocates of CSE for children are not convincing, at all. Yet, they easily drive trendy teachers to teach children about sexuality and relationships, freely.

The trend effectively contradicts any ethical control over children. In the package are all kinds of sexually explicit subjects in schools leading to connected behavior in public spaces including on the internet.

To worsen the situation, the liberality doctrine has already come to categorize many depraved acts as the concern of the individual, and not that of government.

And so, the increase in the production and consumption of pornographic materials, romance, and sex in public and on the internet is becoming alarming. In this scenario, children have been finding erotic pleasure, putting underage sex and teenage pregnancies on the boost.

The trend is characterized by vice and deserving of disapproval.



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