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In light of recent events involving the Yoruba Nation agitators, Rev. Dr. Sokari Soberekon, an esteemed humanitarian and Senior Advocate of the Niger Delta, has issued a cautionary statement. He emphasizes that any ethnic group considering secession, particularly the Igbo, should refrain from adopting the name “Biafra”. Rev. Soberekon highlights the historical significance of “Bia furia,” denoting the collective waterways, rivers, and oil-producing states in the Niger Delta region, emphasizing its cultural and geographical significance to the Niger Delta region.

In an urgent call for careful consideration and peaceful dialogue in addressing grievances, he said,

“Those that live in the front of the sea and look for their daily bread by the front of the sea, such as Kalabari, Nembe, Bonny , Escravos, Focados, Akkassa, Brass are the Sea fairers and are those that look for their daily bread in the sea”.

There is Asari Toru and Akassa Toru.

Bay fairer is the coast guard of the Kalabari man

Sea fair merchant denotes fishermen, oil men at sea

People living in Takua bay are people living in front of the sea at Lagos

Ferier Toru in English is Biafra

Elbert Marculay passed through bay faria for slave trade.

The seafarers (i.e the Europeans) and the Bayfarers (i.e the old rivers) fought war.

Peace treaty and commercial treaty were signed at the Bight of Biafra in the year AD 1775.

The agreement was signed by King Perekule the 1st, on behalf of Grand Bonny and Chief Odum Barboy on behalf of King Amachree for the Kalabari kingdom in the year ad 1775.

Nigeria was not in existence till Lord Lugard amalgamated it in 1914. Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa only pass through us for slave trade export to Europe and America and they called the Rivers area Iguocha.

It was the Rivers people that fought war with the British to stop slave trade with Sir Wilberford.

Feria-turu – (bay-fera) is the commander of the Kalabari during war after the death of Amachree Oboku the late commander of the Kalabari army. Oduye Feria was instructed by the Amayanabo of Kala|Bari through Chief Owokuri the 1st to stop the war.

The king who died in exile that was buried in Lagos State was by name King Fred Amachree (Amayanabo of Kalabari). He was the one who allowed Col. Ojukwu to use the name (Biafra) to breakaway that country from Nigeria. This led to a civil war for three years.

The Spar building presently in Port Harcourt is known as Biafras House in Rivers State. As at then, there was also the same Biafras House in Liverpool in (England) as a result of the trade treaty.

This is the truth and more will come.

Please share this to go far into the world.***


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