The Law of Cycles

huThere is a tide in the affairs of man, which when taken at the flood, leads on to fortune-W.Shakespeare.

There are so many factors that shape the life of man. These factors, though unknown to man rule his life from cradle to grave and man has not thought it wise to investigate these phenomena instead of being effects of these factors. Thus man of today will tell you that he is in charge of his life. But then when any misfortune occurs, he is at a loss about how it came to be. Therefore man continues to live life as a pawn on the spiritual chessboard of life. He continues to act like a log carried onwards by the vicissitudes of the ocean of life looking for an anchor on religions that could not save many before him. Man out of laziness believes in praying to change the will of God but is this possible? How do we determine the will of God in all situations?

One of these spiritual factors that affect us in life is the law of cycles. Apart from the law of karma, the law of cycles when mastered could lessen the bruises of man in the spiritual theatre of life. Man should ponder and ask himself the following questions:

Why do we have seven days a week, seven colors of the rainbow and seven notes of sound? Why do we have twelve months in a year?

Why do we have events repeating themselves in our life, if we can only step back to observe the trend of occurrence?

Why would the sun rise up for about twelve hours and equally set for another twelve hours?

Of what spiritual significance are these cycles in the life of man?

Could it be possible that the affairs of plants, animals, man and nations could be determined by some factors other than the eyes can see?

Could it be possible that within every three years the spiritual make –up of man goes through a cycle of regeneration?

What is the significance of the cycle of ‘the three in three in three’ in the spiritual and material life of man?

What is the significance of the cycle of Nines in the life on man?

How about the 12 year cycle, how does it affect the spiritual evolution of man?

Man prefers to live in ignorance and pray to God than to make use of the intelligence God has bestowed upon him. This is why so many flock to churches to pray continuously against the will of God Almighty. For any individual who prays to God for anything in life is a selfish being. This is because such fellow has not asked about the will of God in that situation but prefers to tell God what God should do for him without consideration for the whole. Of course, such prayers remain unanswered. And soon the individual would run away from one church to another finding away to fulfill his selfish requests and interest. But he will get the same answer wherever he goes simply because his will has not been aligned with the will of God Almighty. When the will of man is aligned with the will of God, man would have achieved spiritual victory and fulfillment. The only prayer man needs to pray then would be: ‘God Let Thy will be done in my life’.

Whether man likes it or not, God’s will, will be done in Heaven and on Earth anyway. So the earlier man accepts the will of God the better.

Yes indeed, there is a rhythm to life and only those who know the spiritual significance of the law of cycles can predict to a large extent the events that occur in their lives and the corresponding times of occurrence. For if man develops this ability to discern events in his life, he would see a trend inherent in his affairs. For man is indeed an effect of factors beyond his control and to a great extent, his thoughts, words, actions and feelings are also beyond his control.

Every activity in the lives of plants, animals, man and indeed all lives both in the material worlds of the physical universes and the spirito-material worlds consisting of all the lower heavens from the first, second, third and fourth heavens all obey the law of cycles and as such go through different phases of transformation and growth. For instance, a man is born, he grows, matures and eventually becomes old and dies and finally returns to dust or the soil from where the body originated.

But Soul, the real individual lives on!

Plants and indeed nations, kingdoms, empires all go through these stages and cycles of transformation that only historical students can piece together. But from the spiritual perspective, man can realize that these different stages actually represent the different cycles manifesting either in the life of the individual or a nation. These changes are hardly noticed by many of us and so we rush through life without knowing what compels us to take certain decisions which might affect our lives positively or negatively.

For instance, if we look back at the entity called Nigeria and do a trend analysis of all the major events that has occurred in the life of Nigeria in every seven years since the beginning of its existence, we will see how the law of cycles has made a repetition of all occurrences since the time of independence. At every seven years of this entity called Nigeria, we can see glaring changes that have affected the life of Nigeria. From 1960- 1967, the events in Nigeria that led to the Civil War are repeated again in another cycle except that a lot of us cannot piece this information together because of our level of observation and awareness. Nigeria experienced a civil war and calculating from the second cycle of the seven year cycle, we can see that Nigeria is experiencing the same scenario it witnessed within its first and second seven years as a nation. Any surprise that today we have different violent situations occurring in different areas of the country?

Likewise, if we take the life of the individual and we try to calculate the cycles from the time of birth till death we will find that within every seven years, there is a constant change for the individual to progress spiritually for the same circumstances come to repeat themselves but man would hardly notice. So man either progresses spiritually or retardedin spiritual growth. Similarly, if man observes his activity every day of the seven day cycle, he would discover that the events in his life follow a definite cycle and trend. He can then use common sense to predict the activities of his life on a daily basis. But what does man prefer to do? He prefers to kneel down in ignorance day after day, shouting on God to fulfil one request or another not realizing that he is simply reaping what he has sowed in this present life or in former lifetimes. In other words, every good or bad thing man experiences in his life is his thoughts, words and choices made visible. If man does not like what he has manifested in his life, he can re-arrange his destiny by studying the law of cycles and then change his thoughts, words and actions. He would then understand and align his thoughts, words and actions with the will of God Almighty.

So what is the spiritual purpose of the law of cycles? It is to remind us that Soul within the HU-man body is eternal, indestructible and can live forever beyond death. That the Human body gives Soul the required covering that can enable man-in-flesh have the experiences of life and then grow spiritually.

This the spiritual purpose of Life!

Oftentimes, Souls keep going and coming within the HU-man flesh that it spends approximately Eight Million, Four Hundred Thousand years in a full cycle to gain the experience of life. The full cycle of birth and rebirth is within the 12 month cycle of the Zodiac that only the Spiritual Travelers can teach man. Man keeps going and coming through the process of reincarnation and karma to come and learn the lessons of life and love and ultimately become refined enough to journey back into the Kingdom of God where Soul came from. Soul continues this journey until It meets with the Living Word, the Spiritual Coach, who will then turn the cup of Soul towards the heavens of God to receive the floodgates of spiritual gifts strong enough to take Soul back home to God.

Thus a study of the law of cycles enables us to know the rhythm of the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God and then follow this rhythm through life to avoid the pitfalls on the road to God Almighty. When we apply this principle of the cycles of life, we tend to learn about the subtle changes in life and make adjustments where necessary. The minor changes have a profound effect on the greater changes. If we are able to handle the smaller cycles in our universe, we are better able to master our lives and inner universes better through an understanding of the law of cycles.

If the spiritual purpose of life is to learn how to give and receive the love of God and eventually become a Co-worker with God, then we must learn how to cope with the law of cycles and take spiritual advantage. One of the ways we can achieve this is to sing HU the Holy and Sacred name of God at all times to achieve purity which is a condition for us to be shown the spiritual secrets of life. The Spiritual Coach is always available for those who have chosen to end the cycles of birth, death and rebirth and are willing to begin their journey back home to God.

If one observes everything in nature one would discover that there is a time to plant and a time to harvest. There is a time to be born and a time to die. Fruits produce at a certain time with accuracy and of course they also shed their leaves at the appointed time. So why should the life of man be different? Man only needs to study himself for the past 3-6years and he would be amazed about how events in his life are constantly being repeated so that man can make progress on his spiritual journey to God. But alas, what do we find? Man spends his entire life looting and amassing wealth that leads him to nowhere and then at old age prays to God to be admitted into Heaven. For as it is written, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for the prosperity and materialistic man to enter into the Heavens of God. The first step is for man to study himself, know himself as Soul before studying and understanding God Almighty our Creator.

The first step begins with singing the HU, the Secret, Holy and Sacred name of God.

Man Know Thyself!