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This Soul Mate Column is designed to take care of sex and romance related problems. To help folks find their Adam or Eve. What you need do? Just text your problems to the number below.

 It is another Thursday, as usually we are out just to wet your reading appetite with juicy emotional and everlasting practical advice, to put you in the right frame of mind to face life practically.

For the importance of the woman in a marriage relationship, this week too, we will beam our search light on the women folk.

A life without a complete woman is condemned to emotional problems and unsteady mind. It is for this reason that the Soul Mate deems it necessary for the women folk to see their position in relationship as builders.

If a relationship works, it is the ability of the woman to have made enough sacrifice. In this she may be faced with lots of temptations which will prove her womanhood. If the woman knows that she is always the mother of the man she will forever not be a stranger to what ever temptation that may be posed to her.

Dear Editor, I am Cacius Opus, I am texting you fromLagos. I got your paper through a friend. I must confess your column is the best among the local tabloids in the country. Please keep it up. May God increase your wisdom and also give you long life to serve society.

Ans: Dear Opus, Yahweh bless you for your compliment and I add, may you also be favoured in all your endeavours in Yahoshea’s name, Halleluiah.

Dear Editor, I am Oris 25 years old lady in a relationship with a 34 years old man. My problem is he likes anything in skirt whether beautiful or ugly. What do you advise I should do?

Ans: Dear Oris, I have few practical steps to give you to mend your relationship with your supposed womanizer man. It takes strength to satisfy women. If your man is sleeping around, train yourself up to dose him with sex, that is, if you really want him to stop sleeping around with women.

The reason is, by the time you dose him with sex for a complete full day morning and evening, I mean even when you are supposed to enjoy sleeping in the night too. When he has reduced sperm and short of blood he will be the one to confess to you.

Blood is the life wire of a man. Each drop of sperm goes with lots of blood from the man. The second reason why you must adopt this practical exercise is when you have eaten to your full, no matter how delicious the meal may be, no human being can eat again. So it is with sex. Instead of demanding of sex he will turn to hate sex for a longer time. Who knows maybe you are not giving him enough sex hence he turns to the next available woman his eyes could catch. I am waiting for the testimony after the exercise. Goodluck

Dear Editor, I am Preye Okoli, I am in my thirties. My problem is my man’s unfaithful altitude in our relationship and am thinking to quit the relationship.

Ans: My dear Okoli, may I ask you this few questions? Does you man bring his women also into your home? What was his reaction, when you accuse him of unfaithfulness towards you?

While you answer these questions, please know one important fact today. If your man denies that he is not doing  what you accuse him of and do not grow so bitter  as to fight you, but shows you love and regard, then that man really wants you. Please do not fight him, rather pray for him for the fact that he comes back for you.

Keep the relationship alive. Find out what those women he sleeps with are doing to attract or interest him. After you have found out go out of the way to do all those thing he enjoys from those his women and put extra performance to it. If it is sex, go extract miles. If it is sexy dressing, go extra mile. If it is looking good go extra mile. If it is manners towards him, go extra miles. If you are not sexy and romantic, go extra mile. Most importantly, revive showing care, kindness, love, respect and wrap it up with good sexual performance in bed and I assure you, you will sing hallelujah again. Please, I am waiting for the testimony.

Dear Editor, I am Sandra, 34 years old lady fromBonnyIsland, Rivers state. I was born 25 April. What is my star, lucky days, months, right partner and career line?

Ans: My dear Sandra, if you are born on 25th April, your star (Zodiac) is Taurus. Those who are born from April 21-May 20 are constituted in the zodiac sign of ram

Your Behaviour

You have strong will and determination in every of your endeavours and always do anything humanly possible to actualize your desires. You are prone to make an extensive travel and will receive unexpected gifts through devoted friends who in this case will greatly improve your financial affairs.

You are endowed with a stubborn disposition, proud and fond of opposition. Not easily excited but does not calm down easily when excited and have commanding ability. You may reach celebrity almost without effort due to your superior brain power. You have disposition to harbour grudge.

Your Most Favourable Day and Months  Sunday and April and November.

Your Most Suitable Relationship Partners (stars) Virgo and Capricorn. (August 24  Sept. 23) Virgo (22nd December  19 January Capricorn).

The most suiting job career for people born under April are honest and trustworthy in all their appointments. The most suitable careers/jobs are, artist, signer, organist, stage actor, writing of film, actor/actress, picture  painting.

We wish you well till next Thursday. Please keep the text coming. We assure you, we are here for you. You can also apply for Soul Mate in Facebook. Allanso Jonathan Allanso. E-mail: ###

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