Demua Blasts Sycophants

Mene Gbarabe


The Chairman of Gokana Local Government Council, Hon. Demua Ledee Demua, blasted sycophants who are running after him as if they have anything to offer.

He gave the tongue-lash during the thanksgiving service of the LGA on Sunday, September 25, 2011 at Methodist Church Biara . He said he is not a small boy as they may think, only that he looked younger than his age and that he is over 40 years and knows what to do.

Random interviews with his party (PDP) supporters at the scene have it that failed, expired politicians,  parliamentarians and even men who had failed in business in the area, chase after the chairman at all times.

It was gathered that seasoned politicians of Gokana hijacked duties from the chairman, dictating and deciding for him and he could not have his nominees on the recent appointments in the council.


It was also gathered that a kingpin of the council through this means was appointed from far awayAbujaand sent to him asking him to use the person.

Our sources who praised Demua for this fearless declaration, trusted  that he will lead well and will not give his detractors a chance.

The chairman assured supporters not to lose hope though he has not compensated them for the works they did for him during the election, adding that since he had been fully assured by his mentors that the case in court would cause no harm, he would deliver his vows to them as days proceed and that he would put smiles on their faces.

The councilor representing Bodo ward 1, Hon. Alex Demua, also lauded the chairman for reuniting the people of Gokana. He said the LGA is 20 and every right thinking person of the LGA should look back from where they came from and think of the way forward.

He also appreciated the past Victor Tombari Giadom’s administration and added that  Demua’s administration would have focus and  would drive the LGA forward and that  through their leadership, some streets in Gokana had got street lights. Information Communication and Telecommunication Centre, (ICT) is made real which the youths will use for their future development.

Alex further said that the stadium would make the youths explore  sporting activities and sell out themselves for the wider world. He thanked Demua for his good initiative.

Speaking to The Newswriter newspaper, Hon. Samson Adue, advised the people of Gokana to maintain the present harmony and unity in the clan, adding that Gokana stands  better chance to prosper now if the peace in the place continues.  ####

Hon. Demua Ledee Demua

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