Nigeria’s Season Of Football Woes

The nation, Nigeria, popularly addressed and called “The giant of Africa”, no longer holds waters in the area of soccer and sports to an extent.
This is because of the country’s poor performance in football in all international competitions.
First it was the country’s under-20 team, then followed the senior national side which failed to quality for the 2012 nations cup. The country’s club sides which was the hope the country football lovers and followers were banking their hopes too, crashed out of the continental engagements.
The failure of the country’s under-20 team in the world youth soccer championship is like the foundation of failure of the Nigerian national teams and club sides in all international engagements. Falcons, Enyimba and Sunshine, all fell like a pack of cards when it mattered most. Too shameful for Nigerians to remember soccer in the year of 2011.
The only team remaining to raise and erase all the failures recorded by all cader of soccer teams representing the image of Nigeria, is the country’s under-23 Olympic dream (V). Nigerians are in high spirit expecting Eguavon and his lads to use the only privilege Nigerians have, to put smiles on the faces of football lovers of the country.
The country once called and addressed the giant of Africa could no longer easily answer the name, it was branded by its admirers. The country is in tears. Coach Siasia has been sacked. A new coach will be contracted to handle the Super Eagles. Same is applicable to the female soccer team, the Falcons.

More painful is the crashing out of Enyimba and Sunshine, as they dimmed the little hope Nigerians were having in soccer for the year. It is indeed a spiritual problem as many believe it to be. ###

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