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Omehia Will Be Governor Before 68 Days, Says Prophet John …Next Governor of Bayelsa is Dickson

“Hear me loud and clear, about 2.5 million people have declared for Sir Celestine Omehia’s return through God’s divine intervention.”
That was the statement of Prophet John, aka, the Voice of Freedom, as he interracted with The Newswriter.
He prophesized the return of Sir Omehia to the coveted throne, the Governor of Rivers State, within a short time.
As usual, The Newswriter presents to You, verbatim, the prediction of Prophet John.
“My people ,the battle is not about Celestine, it is of Prophet John (the Voice of Freedom). Hear me loud and clear, this is a divine battle, it is the battle that is a fight to finish, it is the battle of the oppressed loving children of God who are still roaming in the shade of bondage. Take it or leave it, the flame of the fire of God is so high and ready to melt all the bunches of chains used in tying the children of God down.
“God told us in his Holy Book that if you are humble, you shall be exalted and favoured, but if you are pompous and arrogant you shall be brought down before your enemy.
“Sir Celestine Omehia’s restoration is as the result of his fear and love for God, obedience, passion for the liberation of the oppressed People. That is why as the mouth piece of God and the voice of freedom for the oppressed people, God has concluded the restoration of Sir Celestine Omehia into the Government House as Rivers State governor before 68 days, because Sir Omehia has found favour before God and man.
“Many political robbers who have in one way or the other stolen the People’s mandate, will be disgraced fully, bolted out by court through divine intervention of God, to liberate his beloved children. Quote me.
States like Delta State, Chief Great Ogboru’s stolen mandate will be restored back to him. In Kwara State, Barr. Belgore’s stolen mandate will be restored. (Hon.) Henry Dickson will be sworn in as the next governor of Bayelsa State before 120 days. The tears, agony and the prayers of the oppressed People, about number 2.5 million different people with one voice and one mind are in support of the return of Sir Celestine Omehia and (Hon.) Tamunosisi Dagogo JaJa, as the governor and deputy governor of Rivers State through God’s divine intervention and grace spare mind toward his children.
“I, Field Marshal (Prophet) John, the voice of freedom for the oppressed, is not against the present government, neither am I in support of Celestine Omehia, but one thing we are emphasizing is that right elected leaders’ mandate were stolen. That is why I’m sent by God to tell his people, that the days of their liberation are numbered and sooner or later they would be let loose, and the stolen mandate will be restored back to the rightful owners. Quote me. And whether they like it or not, all the second term government political office holders have nothing to offer, because they have concluded their missions in their various endeavours in their first tenure in office. For whosoever God has ordained, the people are generally elected and have also been so pronounced by the vessel of God. So shall it be. Declaration and restoration of Omehia has been concluded by God, of a truth I tell you.
“Rivers people behold the return of your Governor. Sir Celestine Omehia is on board.” ####

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