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Another Thursday is here, as usual we are glad with you and will put smile on your faces with relationship and marital issues.
Is there any marital or relationship problem that is giving you sleepless night? Worry no more. Confide it with the Soul Mate of The Newswriter and you will sing Halleluyah once again.
The Soul Mate desires that you pick your preferred partner in the match making column to end that loneliness of yours. The Soul Mate column gives you beautiful and handsome intelligent partners for each category of human endeavour to pick. Marriage is obtainable with the Soul Mate column. We are still your reliable ally in counseling as well. So tell your teething relationship problems to the Soul Mate editor through 08082649997.
The soul mate column is open to sponsorship and also for birthday requests. Your support keeps us in business, so please bear with us as you have faith in us.
However, as from next year, Counselling in the Soul Mate will be done for those who include 500 recharge card of either MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT OR GLO.
BIRTHDAY WISH: Ifeoma Nnodozie turns 33 years on Monday 12th December. The Soul Mate editor wish you happy many more years of return, congratds.
We have been treating the importance of the woman in a relationship. This edition, while we are not yet done with it, we will like to shift a little to touch what the man can do to help the woman build the relationship.
What the man can do to sustain relationship
One sure way to sustain a progressing young relationship for the man is to maintain trust and simplicity. There is no relationship that is spiced with trust, honesty, truthfulness, the fear of God, care, tenderness and understanding that will collapse.
The menfold too have greater role to play in sustaining a striving relationship. One sure way to do that is to avoid lying to his partner; another is to avoid cheating on his partner. When the woman finds out on her own without you the man telling her that you are not lying to her, or you are not cheating her, she will definitely believe anything you tell her. So allow the woman to discover that you are truthful, honest, caring, understanding and God fearing for a reliable and dependable relationship.
Our advice to the men fold: please complement the women fold as they build a solid home front in your relationship by making them happy. Appreciate them when they have done a marvellous thing to affect you, not necessarily sex to buy her heart. This does not mean that sex is not important.

Dear Editor, I am Johnson Jubi, I am 35 years old man having a pre-mature ejaculation. This makes me not to satisfy my partner. What should I do to keep her from other men taking her from me?
Ans: It is a pity my brother that such a challenging problem will hit you. But don’t worry, you can see medical doctors as to ascertain the cause of the problem. In answer to your problem from the human angle, please anytime you are in the game of love making with your partner, involve foreplay a lot to understand when your woman is coming before you penetrate inside her. In that way, she releases alongside with you. Please for more advice contact me on the number displayed on this column. Goodluck
Dear Editor, I am Samuel, 30 years old, suffering from small manhood, in a relationship. My woman does not enjoy my size. What should I do to enjoy sex with her?
Ans: Dear Samuel all hope is not lost. Do experiment all positions with your woman. There is a satisfying position for every size of manhood for all women. Know the position that she enjoys most with your size and I tell you, you will sing Halleluyah once again. Please I want the testimony. Goodluck Samuel.

Star Services
In line with our condition no star service with be published without N500 recharge card. We will surely reach you with Star Service the moment those who are requesting meet up the condition.
You can as well sponsor the star services as it takes a lot of research to get the totality of star services effectively published. Please call the editor, for those that would not want the star services removed form this column. If you are interested to sponsor the services so as to keep it running on this column. Please call the editor on 08082649997. I wish you Goodluck. Bless you all.

Herbal Services
In our last edition we highlighted the medicinal use of honey to man in curing some problems in our lives.
In this edition we are settling down on some teething diseases that have suffered humanity in the past, like tuberculosis. The use of honey to solve some disease and sickness can not be ignored. Honey is a sure bet to solve so many known problems including infertility in men. The combination of honey and other simple herbal properties of nature gives all the hope for one to live a more healthier life on earth.
You can mix honey (please pure natural honey) with grinded ginger, garlic and bitter kola into a bottle for the cure of tuberculosis. You can also for effective result, chew ripe pawpaw seed, a handful and swallow. Add it with eating plenty of fruits like orange, grape and pawpaw before going to bed.
Bedwetting: For children, who are bedwetting, give a teaspoonful of honey before bed time. The child will stop wetting the bed.
Our special advise for every adult having some difficulties in having a good health, please drink one glass of water first thing in the morning and at least 10 glasses (2 litres of water) everyday. This is very important to ease digestion, free circulation to keep fit and avoid constipation.

Allanso Jonatnan Allanso

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