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Flush Out Quacks, Stanley Tasks Trado Med Practitioners

Chief Dr. Stanley Ogbu, Vice Chairman, Rivers state branch of the National Association of Nigeria Traditional Medical Practitioners (NANTMP) has enjoined professional medical organizations in the country to act as advocates and educators to shield the people from the activities of quacks.
From infertility to child sex selection that can be found in National newspapers, adding that the average citizen is left at the mercy of quacks.
He however commended the immense which he said the sacrifice which he said the NANTMP members, his professional colleagues, were making in deciding to give up their lucrative practice too humanity.
Dr. Ogbu also lauded the NANTMP for its contributions to the improvement of reproduction and child health, adding that the state government should be committed to the attainment of the millennium development of goals (MDGS) by engaging the services of traditional medicine practitioners in maternal and infant mortality.
He reminded the government that the public needed to be fully informed and educated on the issues involved in the proposed bill for the national institute of reproductive Health which his association will be expected to be partners. ###

Senibo A. Cookey

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