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State Of The Nation: Apostle E. Ogu Calls For Expedient Action On Boko Haram

The Church auditorium of Abundant Life Embassy Mission (ALEM) was agog on Sunday, the 28thof January, 2012 as New Executive Council of Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (CPFN) and Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) were inaugurated.
Speaking with newsmen at the end of the event, the founder and General Overseer of ALEM, Apostle Eugene Ogu recalled his 15 years of sounding aloud, the extremism of Muslims before and after his tenure as Chairman of CPFN and PFN in Rivers State.
Apostle Ogu recalled of being accused by one Alhaji Olu of trying to cause problem, through a newspaper publication. The formal CPFN and PFN Chairman described keeping quite on the issue of Boko Haram in Rivers State as deceitful, charging the Muslims of Ikwerre, Igbo, and Ijaw in Rivers State to come out and condemn Boko Haram.
Apostle Ogu pointed out that the delay in the resignation of Alhaji Afis Ringim, formal Inspector General of Police (IGP) had done more harm to Nigerians than good, maintaining that it would have been appropriate for the formal IGP to have resigned after the bombing of the Nigerian Police House in Abuja, the Federal Capital.
The founder of Arm of Hope continued that the day police secretariat was attacked was the day the security system in the country was put in shambles and commended President Jonathan for his recent boldness in relieving the formal IGP from office. He further urged the President of Nigeria, Goodluck E. Jonathan to take a holistic look at all the security agencies in the country, fish out those with questionable characters and to replace them with men and women of integrity in the country.
On the Igbos living in the Northern part of the country, Apostle Eugene Ogu argued that being in contact with Northern elders by Igbo stakeholders does not guarantee security and safety of lives of Igbos in those areas, as the Northern elders are also afraid of the Boko Haram carmage.
The man of God who refused to support the coming back of the Igbos from the North because of the activities of the Boko Haram sects also advised the Government of President Jonathan not to allow things to get to a point where the people will no longer be able to defend themselves.
On the fuel subsidy removal, the Gospel preacher however, described the action as the best any courageous president could do in the history of governance in Nigeria and most transparent any body can do. Apostle Ogu further emphasized that the subsidy removal was a short-cut to fix lagging infrastructure and other sectors of the country, thereby calling on all Nigerians and Labour Organization to support the President to ensure that the good intentions of government are brought to bear.
The G.O. of ALEM enjoined labour organisation to ensure proper monitoring of Nigerian Representatives at different chambers and the probe of Nigerian National Petroleum Co-operation NNPC.
Meanwhile, Apostle Ogu commended the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan on his 25% cost cut and described the inability of members of Houses of Representatives to follow suit as selfish, adding that such gesture by Mr. President, if followed would go a long way in taking care of some demanding issues in the country.

By Blaise Elumezie

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