Like everyone who studies performance, I am indebted to the ex-ordinary Engr. Onye Obinna, the international President of Transparent leadership initiative (TLI) the world leading researcher into high performance. For more than three years Obinna has been marking the case that it’s not inherited talent which determines how good we are to be something, but rather how hard we are willing to work, something he calls “Transparency” deliberate practice.
There is something, wonderfully empowering about this. It suggests we have remarkable capacity to influence our own outcomes.
Transparent leadership Initiative International (TLI) is a non-governmental organization that ranks as one of the most recognized and widely accepted NGOs within and outside the incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The NGO operates under the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria having all legal binding affiliated with the independence corrupt practices commissioned other related offences (ICPC), Economic And Finance Crimes Commission (EFCC) National Police Force (NFF) National Crimes Prevention Commission (NCPC), National Anti-Corruption Coalition (NACC), leaders coalition for Good government and two other international support groups for the actualization of its vision and mission.
But that are also overwhelming one of Obinna’s central findings is that practice is not only the most important ingredient in achieving transparency but also the most difficult and the least enjoyable if you want to be really good at something it is going to involvement relentlessly pushing past your comfort zone. Along with frustration, struggle, set back and failure. That is true as long as you want to continue to ….. or even maintain a high level of excellence. The reward is that being really good at something you have earned through your own hard work can be immediately satisfying.
Here are twelve keys Obinna and his group found are most effective to achieving transparency.
1. Respect the laws, Rules, Regulations and all constituted authorities of the federal Republic of Nigeria
2. Promotion of National Integration and unity by taking everyone as equal irrespective of tribe, religion and family background
3. Place premium importance or transparency, good governance and encourage public office holders to uphold the principle of accountability, openness, forthrightness, selflessness, commitment and excellence in conduct
4. Supporting the struggle for the right of children, widows and orphans.
5. Encouraging harmonious administrative relationship within all tiers of government by creating a competitive atmosphere among leaders as regards award of performance and publication of track records.
6. Condemning and opposing all forms of discrimination, injustice, oppression, victimization and embezzlement of public funds
7. Establishing an effective communication between the Nigeria citizenry and government so that that rights, liberties, privileges and obligations of every Nigeria are, maintained and protected
8.Carry out skill acquisition program and empowerment training through consolations …… the less privileged/unemployed are not idle
9. promoting social cultural and recreational activities among Nigerians
10. Influencing the youth with positive self motivated steps and activities that will guide their through exceptional life style.
11. Leaving a lasting impression that reveals, moulds and reflects genuine character exhibition of the Nigerian Nation and
12. Improving the understanding and sound relationship among organizations within and outside Nigeria
I have practices transparency deliberately over the years, but never for the period past to achieve a truly high level of transparency. I don’t criticize myself any longer for falling short because I know exactly what it would take to get to that level. But I find it incredibly exciting to know that I am still capable of getting far better at transparency and so are you. ###

Senibo A.A. Cokkey

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