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In our last edition we talked about loneliness and also prefer solution on how to handle the situation. We also promised to talk about the negative effect it has on relationship or lovers.
It is on this note that we will conclude this topic with the negative effect it has on lovers in a relationship, and still proffer a masterly solution on how to curb it, when the situation rears its ugly head in a relationship.

The Negative Effect Caused By Loneliness
Loneliness is a natural uncontrollable feeling of missing ones loved one and desire to be with opposite sex, where one’s lover is not near one. This particular situation is a tempting and demanding phenomenon that demands natural self-control. Where self-control is not applied it might lead one to be in the hands of other persons other than one’s lover or partner.
This a battle of heart and self-will coupled with feelings of one’s emotions, sexually. Many had been betrayed by their emotion because of loneliness and later blamed it on the devil. Everything is not caused by the devil, majority of the negative things that occur in our lives are our own doing because we could not have self-control over such feelings, more especially, sexual feelings.
Those who have high emotional drive sexually are the worst victims of this merciless emotion. If you have this problem, please go look for our immediate past edition because we highlighted ten solutions to the problem. This problem can overweigh anybody down who is not spiritual; therefore never allow loneliness to be part of your life.
Loneliness can make one to give in to sexual demands from any quarters, regardless of the person’s social and educational status. For this point, madams, most of the cases, surrender themselves into the waiting sexual urge of their manservants, drivers and husbands friends, the same husbands surrender to their maid servants, friends wives, daughters friends etc. it is a situation that is coupled with urge and high packed emotional sexual feeling that does not regard one’s social and religious standing in the society.
Loneliness makes one think out of place in the normal sense of life. Partners therefore should never create loneliness in their relationship. It is a matter of sexual input invested in the relationship of partners that most times generate this high packed emotional sexual feeling. Soul Mate is therefore advising lovers not to put their partners into this uncompromising temptation in their relationship.
Never deny sex to your partner when he or she needs it please. This is an open temptation that may drive your partner into the hand of another who might be willing to give him or her.
Also communicate with your partner romantically anytime you are away from your partner. Make him or her feel as if you are lying down with her or him on the bed. Please very important, if you would not want to hear stories before you come back from your journey.
Star Services
We are still on the behaviour of the zodiac sign “Pisces”, Feb. 19 Mar 20”. Those born in this period are known as Pisces. In taking the behaviour of this star, we took a bit from our last edition and promised to follow up this edition.

Your Behaviour
You have gentle temperament, quite down just as slowly, but will never keep rancour in your mind. You have the gift of eloquence in speech and writing and are sociable to a large extent. You are likely making many travels and have plenty of money with high public or sociable position and the favour of the people of lofty standing.
You can pursue two or more professions simultaneously and successfully.
If you are born as a Pisces and would want to know your most suitable career/job, right partner in marriage, text either of the N500 denomination of these networks, MTN, GLO, ETISALAT or AIRTEL and Soul Mate will air it for you. You can also call to have it for yourself privately, when you have fulfilled this condition.
Herbal Services
The women should please help their impotent men by cooking thick okro soup with fresh ogu leaves, bitter leaves and water leaves
For your man to be strong and get you pregnant at will, please get them to eat carrot in large quantities, groundnuts, bananas, water crabs, prawns, sugar cane, plantain etc.
For those who need babies within a month or two, should be ready to open for their men sexual desire mostly at 5 pm and wee hours of the day. Also make love under pillow on your waist as to allow the thick sperm go right inside your ovum to locate the ready eggs (ovaries).
We will see you next week. Do not stop to text in your requests and questions. We are waiting for your testimonies. ####

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