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Dear Editor, I am Clenemen, 20 years old Igbo lady, residing in Port Harcourt without a job, but beautiful. I need a nice man who knows the meaning of love, in marriage relationship. Handsome, average height, who are God fearing, interested in marriage relationship. Should call me on 0703072053. No flash please, only serious minded men alone, not students, matured, working classing alone can call.
Dear Editor, I am Ebuka, an ugly man in my thirties residing in Port Harcourt, a working class. I need an ugly matured girl for a wife interested ugly ladies could call 08188556720. Tribe and religion does not matter.
Dear Editor, I am Binta, in my twenties. I reside in Port Harcourt, presentable, in need of a God fearing nice matured man for a marriage relationship. My number 070166761026.
Dear Editor, I am Samuel, 30 years old man, residing in Port Harcourt, a working class, cool headed, gentle, caring, handsome man, needs a matured lady for an intimate marriage relationship. Interested ladies should call 08036581049.
Dear Editor, I am Evelyn, in my twenties, beautiful; residing in Port Harcourt, desperately need a God fearing, handsome, intelligent working class man for marriage. Interested mature caring men could call 08039164948.
Dear Editor, I am Ruth, 20years old, residing in Port Harcourt without a job. I need a caring, God fearing man to call me for marriage relationship. Interested men should call me on 07043785076.
Dear Editor, I am Joseph 44 years old, working class, based in Port Harcourt, I am handsome, fair in complexion, average in height, kind, caring, religious, good in bed, hardworking, need a pretty nurse or caterer for a wife. If interested please call 08054780407.
Dear Editor, I am John by name an enterprising man, residing in Port Harcourt, needs an understanding plump lady of working class for a marriage relationship. Interested ladies should call me on 07052274705.
Dear Editor, I am Sunday in my thirties, I reside in Port Harcourt, a businessman, need a fair pretty lady for a wife, Igbo ladies are most preferable. Interested ladies could call 08136383737.
Dear Editor, I am Destiny, I am pretty 20years old lady, a student residing in Port Harcourt, I need a matured caring working class man who can take care of me in marriage relationship. Interested handsome men could call me on my line 08076460060.
Dear Editor, I am Jessica, a 23 years old sexy lady, residing in Port Harcourt. I need a caring matured man for marriage. Interested men call 08189149260.
Dear Editor, I am Kingsley, 35 years old working class man, residing, in Port Harcourt; need a working class pretty lady of 22-35year for a marriage relationship. Interested beautiful ladies who fall into the required age could call 08109260441.
Dear Editor, I am Lillian, an interesting Igbo lady of 24 years old, residing in Oyigbo, a working class, I desperately need an interesting handsome average man for a husband. Interested handsome, God fearing, caring men should call 08183768837.
Dear Editor, I am Kelechi, a jobless handsome man of 32 years residing in Port Harcourt, rich in heart, wish to settle down with a working class lady of 20 -35years. Interested ladies of the mentioned age grade should call 07068401653.
Dear Editor, I am Emersion, 30 years old labourer, residing in Port Harcourt, well endowed down side, seek to have a well endowed pretty lady of 25-30years for a wife. Interested ladies should be of average height, domestically good and in bed. Call 08031894994
Uncle Joe is handsome, nice, fair in complexion, needs interesting, beautiful, positively minded, working class ladies for a platonic relationship. Interested ladies should call Uncle Joe on 08095734404.
Favour, needs both male and female friends who are matured in heart. Interested persons should call favour on 08063965877.
Binas is a male, a public servant, needs both female and male, positive minded, working class, to call him 08095527411. ####

Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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