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How To Keep Your Relationship Fresh
Welcome back from the yuletide celebration. I am sure you enjoyed yourself pretty good. A new year is here and as expected, most of you have spent almost every penny in your disposal. It is time to regather as to prepare for a better 2013. One of the factors that oil relationship is money, that is why everyone will be a manager to stay happy and reliable. It is time to wake up from sleep and face the fact that another gathering season is here before all of us.
To the ladies, take it easy with your partner
It is believed that the man is the one that must always provide for the lady partner. This should, at this season, come with understanding as their children’s school welfare and their entire household upkeep are also waiting to be attended to.
If you love your male partner, this is the time to show understanding as you will not make some demands; making some demands may mean exposing your male partner in the negative as he may not provide that which you demand from him.
You may do well to cover up where possible, that means not demanding at all, after all he made all those expenses on you and the children; rather this is the time you have to stand by him in solidarity with some of the freebies you gathered from the festive period.
If you are entering a new relationship, please take it easy with your new partner because of the season or time.
Never access your male partner financially, rather learn how to be a good supporter. If you do this, you are planting to reap with him when the harvesting season comes.
For those of you who have a graduate partner that do not have a job, do not contemplate leaving him; this may first be his season as a new calendar month is open with opportunities for every hard working soul.
Let me make a prophesy for you: you are the reason this year is here. Take your best opportunity with your partner do not have job last year. Just believe it and say hallelujah. Call me and tell me from now till February in the sacred name of Yahweh through Yahoshea Meshiyach’s name I have pronounced blessings, fruits of the womb, those who do not have a partner you will have a partner, that will love you as his soul, the malefold too are inclusive in this prayer. Just believe and the miracle is yours.
It is time to right the wrong
Now that a new fresh year is here before us, it is time to forget the old things and embrace fresh ideas. Forgiveness should be our watch word in our relationship.
The malefold should please learn how to treat the womenfold with respect and care.
Change from beating your partner to loving her. Make commitment your watchword. Try to be honest and sincere to her as to give her the best love she has been begging for from you, stick to her and be faithful to her. Stop jumping from bed to bed.
To the ladies, keep your man to yourself by keeping to his instructions and work things out with him.
Learn how to be open to each other in your daily dealings with each other. Confess your wrongs to each other and be plain hearted to also forgive yourselves. Trust each other as to have a sound relationship
And above all do not fail to believe in your creator for a joy lasting relationship. See you next edition, keep texting in your questions, requests and star services.
You are free to reach the soulmate editor on this number in any of your request 08082649997.
Every segment of Soulmate will be given to you in our next edition, thanks for being with us all the way through last year. ####

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