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What Has Control Over Your Life Whether You Pray Or Not!

As we move into a new year most of us will look back and say ‘God 2013 will be better!’ but we are not willing to undertake those actions that would bring about the ‘better’ aspect of the coming New Year. It is understandable that when life is ‘going on well’ for man he hardly remembers God. But until something goes awry in man’s life, he then embarks on numerous journeys to different places to find out the ‘reason why’. Man then makes personal effort to contact ‘diviners’ and ‘prophetesses and prophets’ of God to help man contact God to find out the reason why they go through such experience.
This is why in this week’s episode we shall discuss those things that control our lives whether we pray to God or not.
You cannot pray to change the will of God for man. Yes this is true despite all the prayer houses that point to the contrary. The only prayer that works is the one that says ‘God Let Thy will be done in my life!’
This is the only prayer that God listens to. All other prayers under any guises whether from fasting or otherwise can never and will never change the course of events laid down by God in our lives.
‘How can this be true?’ I hear some of us ask.
We alone create our own lives! This is a bitter truth to swallow in the 21st Century but it is easy for man to believe that there are no other lives in other parts of the universe.
Before Soul was allowed to reincarnate into the HU-man body, Soul was shown what Its spiritual destiny would be like. This is agreed before embarking on this journey down to earth. That agreement was made with the Lords of Karma. These are spiritual beings that are in charge of what controls your life. All thoughts, words and actions including the feelings of man are recorded in the conscience of man, a machine like equipment that captures all that transpires in the life of the individual while it operates on any of the planets in the lower worlds, the worlds of time, space, energy and materialism.
The country of birth, sex, color of skin, parents etc are all fixed and agreed upon before Soul takes up the HU-man body. Then Soul at the appointed time, enters into the little baby of the appointed mother and then a man is said to be born.
At the early stage of birth Soul can still remember how the heavens of God looks like. Once in a while It will escape from Its HU-man confinement, the Hu-man body, and seek solace in the heavens of God in what is erroneously called dreams. As the child grows up he is taught in the ‘ways’ of HU-mans and gradually he starts forgetting the ways of ‘Spirit.’ When the child is of age, he is further taught the ways of flesh when he is sent to primary school and gradually, religion through teachers and parents conditions him to accept the ‘normal’ HU-man behavior and encourages the child to jettison the spiritual aspect of life.
I could remember one occasion when I was about four years old and I had told my parents of a dream where I was shown a future incident. My parents , because of their level of understanding then told me to forget such ‘things’ as it was from the devil. But eventually, the accident I had foreseen came to pass. This is how a child is made to ‘forget’ the spiritual aspect of himself.
Eventually when the child becomes an adult, he has been completely brainwashed through religion and the social consciousness. The Social consciousness is that which tells the individual ‘That’s the way it is done!’ This is the slavery of mankind to the thought of a single individual who at his own time decides to do it in his own way. Then it became the norm!
Meanwhile as man descended from the heavens of God into the HU-man body, he was given two tools; Freewill and Creative Imagination. Man having gotten his memory wiped off, is allowed to use his imagination (a quality from his Godhood) and Freewill to overcome any situation on his path while in this world. He is also made to understand that he is responsible for all his thoughts, words and actions including feelings, while in this worlds.
The spiritual law that ensures this is the law of Karma, the laws of Cause and Effect popularly known as ‘you reap what you sow’. It is this law that ensures that we reap the results of all our thoughts, words and actions whether we pray a thousand times or not. This is why most of us are baffled when after we pray to God some certain things still happen to us. Some of us are told that God did not hear our prayers simply because we are sinners. These statements are not true. All of us are children of God but some of us have forgotten who we are so we keep jumping like frogs from one religion to another looking for what is inside of us.
It will be unbelievable that all the things that happen to us are like those activities that have been programmed in a computer. God rules all the universes not by responding to requests from His unruly children but by spiritual laws that regulates all our thoughts, words and actions. It is then our responsibility to find out these laws and abide by them. It is either we do this or we continue to suffer the effects of our ignorance.
So when man becomes an adult, he becomes more confused while trying to answer questions like these:
‘How com Andrew my neighbor does not do much yet life seems to favor him than me?’
‘ How can God create HU-mans who are born crippled when God is supposed to be perfect?’
‘How can God allow an adult kill little children in a town like Newtown and later kill himself? Could they not have been protected by God?’
‘Why would one year old children die, what would be the purpose of such a life?’
‘Where would little children go to when they die so young, Heaven or Hell?’
‘Why would God create a Human being blind, of what purpose would such a life be for?’
‘If Heaven were so sweet how come a ‘man of God’ would go for ”Thanksgiving’ after escaping an accident, a seeming opportunity to go to Heaven and rejoice with God for ever and ever?’ Is man afraid of going to Heaven?’
‘Why would God who is all powerful create a ‘devil’ and later lose control over Its own creation?’
‘Why would God allow ‘devil’ to tempt his children as it is written in some Holy Books if devil were not working for God?’
Questions, questions and questions left unanswered by numerous religions but which can only be answered within the hearts of men.
If the individual translates (dies) from this world without fulfilling his spiritual destiny, he is made to come back life after life until he finds a spiritual being, the Living Worlds, who has the ability to link Soul in HU-man form with the Holy Spirit, the Audible Life Stream, the Returning Wave, back into the Ocean of Love and Mercy, the pure Spiritual heavens before he can stop the journey of Life on the wheel of the Eighty Four, the wheel of Karma and Reincarnation.
What can man do to escape this wheel of ‘Going and Coming’?
The first thing for the individual to do is to seek the Sound of God within oneself. This can be done when the individual covers his two ears with his fingers with eyes shut. He can hear the Sound of God reverberating within himself. This is the Sound of God, the Sound that sustains all life.
The next thing to do is to acknowledge and repeat this Sound to oneself to make contact directly with God. This Sound known as HU is pronounced as in ‘Huuueeeee!’ in an outward breath with eyes shut for attention while seated or lying on a couch. This is how to make contact with God directly without any intermediaries whatsoever. This Sound should be repeated in an outward breath for about ten to fifteen minutes before bedtime. The individual can ask God questions while singing this love song. The questions can be like this; ‘
‘God, where can I get a job to feed my family?’
‘God, where can I get a new house to rent?’
‘God, how can I make contact with my beloved husband who has just died?’
‘God how come this man seem so familiar when I know I have never met him before?’
And many more.
These questions show that the individual is willing to accept responsibility but needs the guidance of God.
These questions must take this format simply because as children of God we must not beg God our Father for anything. Rather we begin by securing the attention of God, by calling God by that secret name HU, the name God has given to Itself from time immemorial and before time was created.
Anyone who prays to God by directing God on what to do does not know God. But those who know the secret and sacred name of God HU, shall get feedback from their dreams.
The final step is for man to start recording these feedback from God in a Dream Journal and gradually the individual would develop the ability to communicate with God through dreams and eventual get messages from God as man walks on the street. Then man will know the will of God for man at all times and escape the crutches of Karma and Reincarnation!

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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