Mastering Your Spiritual Destiny (2)

As it was written earlier, the initial steps towards Mastering our Spiritual Destiny involves knowing who we are, knowing why we are here and eventually identifying the spiritual purpose of our presence in this world. It was also written that for us to know who we are as Soul and for us to enroll in this Spiritual Education Program, every prospective student will require a Spiritual Coach. This Spiritual Coach is always appointed by God to lead Souls in forms that are ready (some of us are not ready, we are still in search of prosperity!) back home to God through this Spiritual Program. The qualification required to enroll is simply love for God and the ‘spiritual degree’ being sought is Co-workership with God.
This is the first stage in mastering our spiritual destiny.
Once an individual has been tested and found to love God much more than material things and his desire for God has been found to be sincere, the spiritual student is then considered ready to enroll in the college of the Holy Spirit. This is the University of the Holy Spirit, the University of Life.
The first two to three years of enrollment will transform the spiritual student from a believer of God into a knower of God. For those who believe in God do not know God. But those who know God are those that have had experience with the Holy Spirit, the Light and Sound of God which is actually the voice of God.
If we can make reference to any of the Holy Books of the different religions one can observe that the individuals who have experienced God are those who have made contact with the Holy Spirit which manifested as the Light and Sound. These are the great individuals who have experienced God while those who believe in God are the meek and less adventurous who read about such experiences in holy books!
For all holy books actually are a recording of the experiences of great spiritual beings who are later worshipped for having experienced God directly on a one on one basis.
So the first two to three years is then used to make the individual understand that he is both a spiritual being and a Hu-man being at the same time. Through his dreams the individual will interact with his ‘lecturers’ in the spiritual worlds. These are known as Spiritual Travelers whose only duty is to teach the student who is interested on what it takes to go back home to God. Those who are interested in money and prosperity are tutored by another lesser god commonly known as satan or devil. It is the responsibility of this god to tempt soul with power or material things and to ensure that soul is kept captive perpetually in the lower worlds through karma and reincarnation. Working under God Almighty he is kept in charge of all material things and any individual who looks on to prosperity without knowing God will pay for every dime received from this god. This is why prosperity is not a determinant of the closeness of the individual to God Almighty. Rather it is a function of Karma, the law of returns.
In the first years of the individual at the university, the individual is shown the spiritual aspect of himself. This is known as Soul, a spark of God created in the image and likeness of God. Through the dream state, the individual is taken through the spiritual door way that leads directly to the heavens of God. This doorway is known as the third eye or the Spiritual Eye. This Spiritual Eye is located on the forehead of man in between his two eyebrows. This is the proverbial eye of the needle that the camel will continue to attempt to pass through. No individual who worships a prosperity God can pass through this Spiritual eye no matter the amount of fasting or prayer offered to God. This is in accordance to the spiritual law that makes it imperative that only the Living Godman known as the Spiritual Coach that has the responsibility to take the student back home to God. He is also known as the Wayshower because he knows the way.
The third stage is for the individual who, under the tutelage of the Spiritual Coach, has now been linked up to the Holy Spirit through regular singing of the HU and other Spiritual Exercises. The individual has now learnt how to record and interpret his dreams and relate the activities from his inner or spiritual worlds with his daily activities. Day by day, the individual begins to be guided by the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God.
He is also taken to the Memory World where he is shown most of his numerous past lives and how they affect his current life here on earth. When the individual observes his past lives he will now know why he is born into his present family. He will also discover the different relationships existing in his family life. He will also discover that ‘his great ancestors’ have now re-appeared as his children or great grand children and that they are not waiting for that day ‘where all the dead would rise up for judgment’. For the individual will discover that there is no salvation inside the grave.
Once this writer was opportuned to be invited to where souls who have just dropped the HU-man bodies were being judged. (Souls do not wait for a particular day for all to be judged. It is a continuous process). Of course, I was invited by my Spiritual Coach so that I could witness how souls are judged and sent to their various worlds where they merit. Most , as I observed were sent back to earth, in the families so that they can come and ‘reap what they have sown’
This is why on close observation one would find some peculiar traits of our fathers in our children. Once I asked one of my little children what he would like to be in future and he replied that he would like to be in the military and I was able to confirm who he was. My own father died as a military man and I was able to observe his progress spiritually.
Just as the student in a university is tested and examined so also the spiritual student is examined and tested on his loyalty to God before he is taught the secret doctrine. Once he is found worthy in his love and dedication to God he is promoted accordingly in his understanding and appropriation of the love of God to all creations of God. The individual now starts to realize himself as part of the Divine Order and understanding his role in the divine scheme of life.
The individual is also taught the Spiritual Laws of the Holy Spirit. For these laws is no respecter of persons. They are not like earthly laws that are bent to suit politicians but are immutable and unchanging. They affect all creations of God and regulate the spiritual activities of men in all the worlds of God. Amongst these laws are the laws of wisdom, freedom and love, fashioned after the three main attributes of God. Within these laws are the laws of karma and Reincarnation, Laws of Reversed Effort, Lwas of Harmonics, and so on. The individual students is taght all these laws because he soon discovers that every soul pays for all transgressions. For no other pays for another. All must reap what they sow. This is the spiritual law! All those who expect someone else to pay for their transgression are living in the world of self delusion.
‘Them go hear wheen’ when they arrive at the Court of Yama, the Judge of the Dead.!
After a considerable period as a student in the University of life and studies in the Ways of the Holy Spirit the spiritual student then graduates from his apprenticeship and becomes a Way for the Holy Spirit, a Coworker with God. At this stage the individual has now learnt the art of communicating with God even while in a public market! The individual has now perfected the art of listening to God on a moment to moment basis and he then becomes a channel for God at all times.
This is the main objective of the spiritual education program!
One can now see that those who claim to be ‘men of God’ and are busy quoting day by day from holy books are simply no way near being men of God. For any individual who quotes from any book about the experience of another HU-man being does not have a personal and direct experience with God. If such an individual has a direct experience with God, he cannot quote from any book to validate his experience with God. This will not be necessary because he has become a spiritual being and can teach another about the love of God by his very presence.
After graduating from this Spiritual Education Program, Soul in Hu-man form now knows himself better. He would now put his spiritual knowledge into practice by using every fiber of his being in service to the Almighty God. For he has no other reason for living life here other than serving God quietly without much noise.
For those who make noises about God are actually empty barrels who cannot understand who they are in the first place. But these are the individuals you see on TV every night with large followers. Those who know God never desire followership from any other child of God because they know the implication. Rather than seek people to follow them, they would rather direct such individuals to where they can have a direct contact with God Almighty. For those who hold others in spiritual bondage, they shall pay for every kobo they scheme out of their followers and shall also pay for keeping others in spiritual bondage in the name of religion.
The graduated student, having been shown the different Heavens of God (These are the heavens that others are still waiting to die to get to!) can start the explorations of these heavens while still living in the Human body. He would then realize that there are ‘so many mansions in his Father’s House’. While some are still battling with one to three heavens the individual would discover that the heavens of God are even beyond ten and would discover that these heavens are populated with people who are alive and kicking. Though the individual would have his feet on earth in the lower worlds, his heart would continue to reside in the Heavens of God.
He would eventually be a perfect channel for God, that is, a Way for the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God. By then He would have Mastered his Spiritual Destiny.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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