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Dim Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, Ikemba Nnewi, Dike Dioranma Ndigbo, Ezeigbo Gbnru Gburu, THE PEOPLE’S GENERAL, (1933-2011)

What he stood for in Nigeria: He stood for unity, equity, equality and justice.
The political tension in the Wild West led to the military Coup of Jan. 1965 led by Col. Ifeajuna and Nzeogwu. Ojukwu never supported the Coup. He made sure his own men in Kano never took part in the Coup.
He was later appointed military Governor of Eastern Region by the Head of State, Maj. Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi. By July 29th same year there was a counter Coup. This counter Coup tested his faith so much in the unity of Nigeria but he held his ground. There was pogrom against easterners in the North. But he never organized his people in the East to retaliate. Instead of fighting back, he chose the part of Peace; that was when they started their journey to Aburi.
This Aburi accord could have given us a loose federation and Peace but his counterparts from other side reneged and shunned the accord. This led to all the unpleasant developments that gave birth to Biafra.
He went on exile for 13 years in Ivory Coast. He lived a quiet life there and never planned any arm insurgency against Nigeria from outside even when our own soldiers here were planning coups against themselves in turns.
When he returned he joined politics and told us that he now believes in Biafra of Ideas not of Territory.
Now what is Biafra of ideas: it is Perseverance, Hard work, equity and honesty.
Lessons from Biafra:
The lessons learnt from Biafia are what is still keeping the country together up till now. For instance the west would have seceded because of the Annulment of Abiola’s election victory, but when they remember the Biafran experience they backed down.
The MEND: The Federal Government chose the part of peace because of the Biafra experience which they don’t want in the country again.
The BOKO HARAM: The Federal Government is still weighing options because of the Biafran experience so, in summary Ojukwu has united Nigeria more than any Nigerian dead or living.
Thank you all.
HRH. Eze Adiele Maduagwu Ezeigbo Rivers -Bayelsa State.

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