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Ojukwu’s Image Looms Larger Than Life – Adandigbo Nile

A close confidant of the late Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Dame (Dr.) Chinyere Nweke (JP) has said that his image actually loomed larger than life ad therefore deserved every honour given to him.
Mrs. Nweke who was crowned “Adandigbo Nile” (great daughter of Igboland) by Ojukwu himself in 2008 due to her enormous contributions to her fatherlands made it clear in an exclusive interview with this medium that Ojukwu was committed to the enthronement of a just and agalitarian society in the country which explains the torrents of tributes that were being paid him. The Managing Director of Two Sisters Inn, Port Harcourt disclosed further that Ojukwu she knows was an inspirational leader who sacrificed all he had to correct an injustice, adding that if the Nigerian leaders then had listened to his honest advice as a visionary leader there wouldn’t have been any civil war in the first place.
“Adandigbo” remembered Ojukwu again as a brave and fearless soldier who ensured that the body of the former head of state, Major Gen. Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi Ironsi was recovered and brought home for a befitting burial.
She made it clear that Ojukwu is not death describing him as a living legend, adding that his virtues, ideals and vision must be kept alive, pointing out that Nigerians are indeed celebrating him and not mourning him as a patriot who made immense contributions to the well-being of the nation. “Several weeks of befitting funeral ceremonies for the departed Military Governor of the old Eastern Nigeria who later became the Head of State of defunct Republic Biafra in addition to a state burial with military honour is an eloquent testimony to this fact” she noted.
While thanking President Goodluck Jonathan for the recognition accorded Ojukwu, she advocated for the immortalization of people’s general, stating that his was an epitome of good leadership as being clamoured by Nigerians. ####

By Joe Kalu

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