Yahosheans be1ieve in total forgiveness of sins to your fellow human beings at least four hundred and ninety times in a day. But those who do not practise this, who claim to be Yahosheans are just norminal roll Yahosheans, who are there just for worldly help from the Assembly; for a true Yahoshean has no reserve to whatever you demand from them provided they have. But the only thing that they will resist is sex, for they count this as a big sin against your body which is the temple of Yahweh. A true Yahoshean only believes in marriage but not in ordinary love-making, that is regarded as taboo.
Every true Yahoshean joins the Most Senior Prophet in his 3 am prayer or meditation daily although they pray at least thrice in the day. We forbid to pray out for others to hear, we like to do things in the Most humble way as the Supreme Head and the Founder, Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi Ovoh does, for he is very unassuming like other religious leaders. He likes to eat with the least child or the oldest man or woman, He is a friend to all, and lives the simplest life amongst men and women, who has compassion for all.
Yahosheans dislike lies, and the least lie that is discovered from you, you are penalized to go round all the branches of your State, to make apology to all. This is one of the measures that is adopted as a disciplinary step to eliminate lying in this great organisation. In short, all are well disciplined men and women whose words are always anointed that brings peace, concord and harmony wherever it is pronounced. That is why miracles, signs and wonders are wrought in their hands where ever we go, so why seat on the fence? See the danger signal in front of you, get out of paganism, for you have stayed too long with such types of rotten apples in the barrel, for sin is like infestious or contagious disease, but be preserved in the Sacred names of Yahweh and Yahoshea Meshiyach. Mark you, it is more secure for you to be preserved in the Ineffable personal names of Yahweh and Yahoshea than your powerless society. The choice is yous.
The Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach believe that EL is the singular form of Elohim the Chief Canaanite idol. Therefore they believe that any name that ends with ‘el’ mostly names of the Prophets of Yahweh was the work of the lying pen of the scribes, e.g. Daniel, Ezekiel etc. Instead as revealed to us through the religious shrine of the twentieth century, Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi, the proper names are rendered as “Daniah and Ezekiah, because “iah” or Yah means the short form of Yahweh Therefore such names like Yahshua Jehovah, Lord, God, Jesus Christ, are never mentioned in any of the Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach worldwide.
We believe that such names as Isaiah, Zepheniah, Hezekiah, Daniah, Ezekiah, Yeremiah, Oshea, etc existed since all were of the heavenly language; because Halleluiah or HalleluYah, simply means, “Praise Ye Yah”. This was one of the oldest heavenly words Yahshem taught man after creation. Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach believe that Adam although the name given to man that simply means — Red Mud, but is regarded as the Family name for all mankind as Yahweh is the Spiritual Family name for all believers. Yahosheans believe that whatever that Yahweh does not direct, they do not do, for all baptisms are by immersion and not by sprinkling or dry cleaning. They forbid the mention of the Trinity, God the father, God the son and God the holy Ghost. And also forbid the cross sign, knowing that such were pure paganism, things that were carried from 1st Babylon to 2nd Babylon, that were inherited by the daughters and great grand daughters of Babylon, who are still taking the same food from the milk-bottle So in simple obedience to Yahweh it is for you to stop trekking in the Roman wilderness; try to cross over from the other side of the flood up to Mount Yah-City where you will not think of food, for your right diet is waiting for you daily . The Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach believe that Yahweh through Yahshem (The Word) created the world in only six days including both man and woman. That is after Yahshem finished creation of all other things in 5 (five) days He created both man (Adam) and woman (Chawah) on the 6 (sixth) day and blessed both to produce and fill the earth, and He saw everything
created excellent including man. Therefore Yahosheans do not believe the story of Yahweh forgetting to know that man alone can not produce children although He (Yahweh) asked the male to produce children and head all other creatures; since Yahweh is Omniscience, to say that He forgot to create woman that would produce children with Adam is nothing than denying Him as Omniscience.

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