Is God A Pagan Idol?

For Yahosheans do believe that the 1st law that Yahweh gave to mortals, was for mankind to worship his Grand Creator on the 7th day Rest, which He ca1l Sabbath of Yahweh, which men call Saturday. Yahosheans also believe then, that is only “Sign” of obedience to acknowledge Yahweh as the Grand Creator and Yahshem (the Word) as the Creator of mortals, but that man did not evolve but was created. The assembly does not also agree with the story of Cain and Abel, mostly Cain’s marriage at a city called Nod, gives great doubt about the existence of a supreme Deity that exists, who created all things seer and unseen in the universe since Adam and Chawah had not delivered children that can constitute a City. But upholds Seth who was born at their age of 130 years to be their (Adam’s and Chawah’s) first child from their creation. Therefore the assembly believe strongly that Cain and Abel story is one of the added lies from the lying pen of the scribes. Although Yahosheans confirm the story about the flood of Noah, but believe strictly that the joined faith of Noah and his generation about a flood that would finish sinners that really caused the flood, but not from Yahweh, because He does not tempt any one since all good things came from Him, Yahosheans also do not believe that all living things, I mean animals, insects, reptiles, fishes, and birds were put into the Ark of Noah, since the Ark can not carry even one elephant. But Yahosheans believe since man’s power is not limited, Noah commanded all birds, fishes, animals, trees, insects, herbs and all living things to reappear as were created in pairs by Yahshem on creation and all re-appeared accordingly just on the same day.
— Yahosheans also believe that after the death of Noah, the children quarreled over food and drink when all forsook worshiping Yahweh, and served idols that caused their separation of which Ham took southward, Japheth, Northward of which Shem stayed between the two brothers thus, the three major races, colour and religion grew and spread all over the world. Adam and Chawah as the first parents were of the same colour (Red), but later Ham’s race became the Black race (Africans) Shem’s race became White (White) and Japheth’s race became Yellow Browns (the Russians, Chineese). Therefore the Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach or Yahosheans believe that the three children of Noah, Japheth, Shem and Ham were the first un-identical triplets of the world. Mea.. ning that Yahosheans do not believe the story of a Tower of Babel, because the alledged story of Yahweh seeing that the Tower was near Yahweh’s Kingdom and for fear lest they build into His Kingdom they made Him to come down and confuse man’s language to different tongues is only to portray Yahweh as a eonfusionist of which it is a blatant lie.. For the Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach only stand for sound doctrine for worship, no more no less. We are only to see that Yahweh and Yahoshea’s names are lifted high and man’s invented religions decrease to the abyss.
Yahoshearis believe that Babylon was the centre of paganism therefore any doctrine that is from it is termed Babylonism. We also do not believe that celestials came down and married daughters of men since celestrials are sexless nor do they have sex ability since they had no blood nor sperm to conceive women. And that Yahweh regretted for creating man since his (man’s) mind continually thought of evil, is another way of disbelieving that Yahweh is Omniscience,.In short we do not believe of a personality called satan or devil. Even the doctrine of Hell-fire, Amagaddon are termed as mere myths.
We do not also believe the chronological counting that from Abraham to David are fourteen generations, and likewise from David to the deportation to Babylon fourteen generations and from Babylon to the time of Yahoushea’s birth another fourteen generations. All these are things we can easily explain to any that wants to know details when enquired through writing to the author of this pamphlet “EXCUSE ME Yahosheans believe that no living person could be born again, but only those that did well although they die physically could be born again or the righteous that will live up to when Yahoshea’s Kingdom or government would start, could be termed “Born-again”. Yahosheans do not believe the doctrine of “Rapture”; and also disbelieve the allegation that ‘Christainity’ was formed by the disciples of Yahoshea at Antioch, since Constantine inaugurated the cult; although Christian doctrine, dogmas and creeds were derived from Judaism by the Jews who adopted Yudah’s family as theirs in 740 A.D. That is why the christian holy Bible is the history of the Hebrews, the 12 lost tribes of Jacob. Yahosheans believe that Jacob sowed deceit and he and his descendants have reaped by cheating themselves out of Jerusalem or Zion for the Khazar Jews of Turkish Stock of Japheth’s descendants That is what Yahosheans call the law of Balance. Yahosheans believe strongly that the white race of Shem and the red – browns (the Russians) can not serve Yahweh in the way He should be served, whole-heartedly How can people who trade on weapons serve Yahweh? But Yahosheans believe that if the black race would unite and practice love, the best weapon of Yahweh, they will control the world in the soonest possible time.

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